Be Amazed Magic Television

For top-notch HD videos, Be Amazed Magic Television is your ultimate source for premium content delivery.

App Development for Healthcare and fitness

eWell is a standout health solution company that stands at the forefront of the industry. Our exceptional services are not to be overlooked.

Online Food Delivery Solution

Food Delivery Customer is a family-operated, local Meal Kit Delivery service located in Melbourne.

Web and Mobile solution for Non-profit organizations

Welcome to Open Gate Sangha, a spiritual nonprofit organization dedicated to providing valuable resources and support for individuals on their spiritual journey. As a tax-exempt entity, we are committed to offering accessible and impactful spiritual teachings and practices.

Patients tracking and engagement solution

DocsApp is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance patient interactions and streamline appointment scheduling.

Live Video Streaming and OTT Platform

Maxx Sports Technologies Limited, also known as Maxx Sports TV, was established to revolutionize the sports viewing experience. Our mission is to provide a seamless, high-quality platform for sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite games. With cutting-edge technology and a passion for innovation, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled sports entertainment to our audience.

BetBNB – Blockchain-Powered NFT Betting Ecosystem

BetBNB is a revolutionary blockchain-based betting platform that combines the potential of cryptocurrency with the excitement of betting.

Poolr – School Car Pool Application

In the modern education landscape, parents often face the logistical challenge of coordinating school carpool schedules.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions for a Leading US Newspaper

The readership of traditional print media has seen a decline with the emergence of the digital age.

E-commerce Transformation for a Leading Gems and Stones Supplier

In a rapidly digitizing global market, a prominent Gems and Stones supplier with a reputation for a wide-ranging inventory and loyal clientele sought to expand its customer reach and enhance its sales strategies.


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