Be Amazed Magic Television

For the best and highest quality of HD videos, Be Amazed Magic Television is the perfect choice that you′ve got to deliver you with exceptional content!

App Development for Healthcare and fitness

eWell is not an ordinary health solution company. We are one the leading companies that you shouldn’t miss to ignore.

Online Food Delivery Solution

Food Delivery Customer is a family-run, local Meal Kit Delivery company based in Melbourne.

Web and Mobile solution for Non-profit organizations

Open Gate Sangha, Inc. is a spiritual nonprofit, tax–exempt organization.

Patients tracking and engagement solution

DocsApp is a technological solution to improve patient engagements and appointments.

Live Video Streaming and OTT Platform

About Maxx Sports Technologies Limited (dba, Maxx Sports TV) started

BetBNB – Blockchain-Powered NFT Betting Ecosystem

BetBNB emerges as a groundbreaking blockchain-powered betting ecosystem that amalgamates the dynamics of cryptocurrency with the world of betting.

Poolr – School Car Pool Application

In the realm of modern education, the logistical challenge of organizing school carpool schedules often falls on the shoulders of parents.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions for a Leading US Newspaper

The readership of traditional print media has decreased since the advent of the digital age.

E-commerce Transformation for a Leading Gems and Stones Supplier

In an international market that was becoming increasingly digitised, a significant Gems and Stones supplier that was well-known for its extensive inventory and customers planned to broaden its customer base and improve its approach to making sales.


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