Improve Candidate Experience with ATS System

Attracting top talent is crucial for business growth and delivering exceptional customer value in today's competitive landscape. Indapoint's online applicant tracking system is designed to streamline your hiring process and attract highly-skilled professionals tailored to your specific requirements.

Optimize your hiring process with our advanced tracking systems. Indapoint offers a cloud-based candidate tracking solution that streamlines job distribution, employer branding, candidate management, and reporting. Our centralized and automated HR management software is designed to attract high-potential applicants, ensuring that you find the right candidates to meet your organizational goals.

Features of Applicant Tracking Systems

When creating an applicant tracking software (ATS), it's crucial to consider various features and functions to enhance its effectiveness.

Job Distribution and Posting

Enabling recruiters to post job openings on diverse career websites, job boards, and social media platforms will enhance their ability to connect with a wide pool of potential candidates.

Sourcing Candidates

To establish a talent pool, recruiters can actively seek out potential candidates from various channels, including perusing resume databases on LinkedIn and other professional networks.

Resume parsing

Introducing a time-saving feature that automatically populates candidate profiles with pertinent details parsed from resumes. This streamlines the process, minimizing manual data entry and freeing up valuable time.

Applicant screening and filtering

Utilize advanced screening and filtering tools to efficiently evaluate candidates based on their experience, qualifications, and relevant keywords, streamlining the process of identifying the most suitable candidates.

Candidate Relations Management (CRM)

Integrate a robust CRM system to effectively monitor and organize communications, streamline candidate interactions, and foster long-term connections for potential future engagements.

Interview Scheduling & Management

Provide interview scheduling, automated reminder, and logistics management services to streamline the hiring process. Our platform enables easy coordination of interview times, sends reminders to all parties involved, and handles the logistics of room booking and interviewer availability.

Benefits of Applicant tracking system Development

A Streamlined Hiring Procedure

Improving Candidate Quality

Enhance Collaboration

Talent Pool Building

Enhance Candidate Experience

Data-Driven Decision Making

Industry we served

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Retail and Shopping


Financial Technology

Platforms & Integrations

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Technology Platforms

Optimized for the latest web and mobile platforms for enhanced compatibility

Web Application based
Driver Android Application

Third-party integration

Ensuring smooth integration for enhanced customer value

Maintenance System
Asset System
Inventory System
Finance System

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I require applicant tracking software?

    Experience streamlined and efficient hiring processes with our ATS software, which has empowered 93% of recruiters to expedite talent acquisition. With a remarkable 98% success rate in delivering seamless hiring experiences, our applicant tracking system automates laborious daily tasks and improves candidate satisfaction by minimizing application length.

  • How to find the best applicant tracking system?

    Discovering the ideal Applicant-Tracking System for your company is now simpler and more efficient! Take advantage of a complimentary consultation to compare prices, reviews, features, and more in order to identify the most suitable software solution.

  • What is the cost of developing an applicant tracking system?

    The pricing of an applicant tracking system is influenced by its features, design, and the resources allocated for development, testing, and project management. Providing detailed information about your requirements to our development team will enable us to offer more accurate cost estimates.