Improve Candidate Experience with ATS System

You need top talent to grow your business and enhance customer value in this competitive age. Indapoint online applicant tracking system helps you hire and attract highly-skilled professionals according to your needs. Hiring tracking systems are the most efficient and user-friendly solution to finding suitable candidates for your open positions. Indapoint's cloud-based candidate tracking solution simplifies various functions, such as job distribution, employer branding, candidate management and reporting. Our centralized and automated HR management software approach will also attract high-potential applicants who can help you reach your goals.

Features of Applicant Tracking Systems

There are several features and functions that you should consider when developing an applicant tracking software (ATS).

Job Distribution and Posting

Allowing recruiters to post job openings on various career websites, job boards, and social media platforms will allow them to reach many candidates.

Sourcing Candidates

To build a talent pool, recruiters can source candidates through multiple channels, such as resume databases on LinkedIn and other professional networks.

Resume parsing

Implement a feature to automatically fill in candidate profiles with relevant information extracted from resumes, saving you time and reducing the need for manual data entry.

Applicant screening and filtering

Use tools to screen and filter candidates based on criteria such as experience, qualifications or keywords to identify the best candidates quickly.

Candidate Relations Management (CRM)

Include a CRM to track communications, manage interactions with candidates, and cultivate relationships for future opportunities.

Interview Scheduling & Management

Offer functionality for scheduling interviews, sending automated reminders and managing interview logistics such as room booking and availability of interviewers.

Benefits of Applicant tracking system Development

A Streamlined Hiring Procedure

Improving Candidate Quality

Enhance Collaboration

Talent Pool Building

Enhance Candidate Experience

Data-Driven Decision Making

Industry we served

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Retail and Shopping


Financial Technology

Platforms & Integrations

Our vehicle tracking solutions offer seamless integration for enhanced functionality.

Technology Platforms

Compatible with the latest web & mobile platforms

Web Application based
Driver Android Application

Third-party integration

Seamless integration to deliver better value to customers

Maintenance System
Asset System
Inventory System
Finance System

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I require applicant tracking software?

    Our ATS software has enabled 93% of recruiters to hire talent faster, and 98% have experienced a smooth hiring process. Our applicant tracking system can automate time-consuming daily tasks and enhance the candidate experience by reducing application length.

  • How to find the best applicant tracking system?

    Finding the perfect Applicant-Tracking System for your company is now easier and faster! Get a free consultation and compare prices, reviews, features and more to find the best software.

  • What is the cost of developing an applicant tracking system?

    The cost of an applicant tracking system is determined by features, design and the number of developers, testers and project managers. Telling our development team your needs will provide more information on the development cost.