Patients tracking and engagement solution

Technologies Used

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DocsApp is a technological solution to improve patient engagements and appointments. It helps to improve overall patient satisfaction. It is designed as a cost-saving, simple to use and effective supplement to the standard workflow in any clinic or doctor’s office, independent of the practice or specialty.

Replaces ineffective phone-based appointment booking with a very affordable system that does much more than remind people of appointments.

Automatically tracks patients and provides valuable data, which helps to improve your process. Helps to reduce waiting time for patients

Reduces additional staff requirements by avoiding time spent on hold, tracking down patients at multiple phone numbers, and playing phone tag.

Appointment reminders through app notifications, text messages, or email. Can replace your current, often ineffective, phone call reminder system with a smartphone.

The main objective of DocsApp is to reduce overhead and replace the patient tracking and communication functions process with more advanced, simple, trackable, and cost-effective tools.

DocsApp improves patient satisfaction by leveraging modern mobile technology to provide required information to patients when and where they need it, without tying up staff. It improves patient engagement by providing modern tools for effective and real-time communication with patients.

The Challenge

Apart from providing standard app-based appointment booking, calendar, and patient tracking, this project’s primary challenge was to automatically track patient arrival and exit from the clinic.

We also wanted to improve patient waiting time by leveraging technology.

The new AWS Cloud infrastructure would offer highly available and underlying services as improved security and compliance model. Open Gate Sangha would be able to scale according to current load conditions while utilizing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation for deployments. The new infrastructure would additionally provide separate environments for deployments, QA, staging, and production.

Visual Design

Mobile user experience (UX) design refers to creating positive experiences during mobile devices and wearables, and applications or services run on such devices.

1. Provide Simple Navigation

Simple navigation provides an obvious way of moving between screens and finding the desired items as mobile users must go and forth within the same window.

2. Make Large Touch Area

Make sure to design control sizes that are easier to tap using the thumb. Providing smaller controls will annoy the user when he uses your app.

3. Reduce Clutter

It is not necessary to display every possible information on the interface. Organize your content in a way that provides the user with a clear understanding of the available features. Reduce Clutter and keep minimum content on screen.

4. Display Large Text

Keep in mind the smaller size of the mobile screen and make your text larger to read and understand.

5. Use Touch Controls

A lot of mobile controls are available to use in design. It is not acceptable to use simple web controls as it is challenging to interact with them on mobile.

Our Solution

We worked hard with our team to find a technological breakthrough, and we tried different hardware and software. Finally, we could manage patient tracking effectively with BLE /Bluetooth and an algorithm that we developed after lots of trial and error.

The Benefits

  • The complete appointment booking system

    DocsApp gives you all the needed tools to make your appointment system simple. We provide Web, mobile phone, and tablet apps for appointment booking.

  • Patient Automated Check-In

    When a patient arrives at your clinic, DocsApp automatically updates the number of patients waiting to be seen and notifies the newly arrived patient (via mobile phone) with an estimated waiting time.

  • Automated Patient Tracking

    DocsApp lets you know when a patient has left home for an appointment, when he arrives and when he enters an examination room. These all happen automatically without any user interaction.

  • Appointment Booking Call Center

    We take care of all your appointment booking system 24X7, and you don’t need any staff to manage this—phone number and mobile app to book appointments for patients.

  • Video and Voice Chat

    One DocApp option allows patients to book appointments for an online consultation via video and voice chat. Video chat can be done from a browser, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Automated follow-up

    Set an automatic follow-up for patients with notes about tests required or instructions to follow. Configure the duration of any automated follow-ups.


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