Enterprise Mobility Solutions for a Leading US Newspaper

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The readership of traditional print media has decreased since the advent of the digital age. A prominent newspaper in the United States with a large readership sought a strategy to retain its audience. The principal obstacle? Transitioning from print to digital without alienating their devoted customer base and gaining a deeper understanding of reader preferences. Our offering is an Android tablet experience tailored to their subscribers.

The Concept

In exchange for a monthly fee, subscribers receive a complimentary tablet bearing the newspaper’s logo. This tablet provides a comprehensive digital experience, including articles, pre-installed applications, weather updates, obituary notices, and games. Importantly, it offers extensive analytics on user interactions, from popular articles to navigational patterns. This platform would also enable customised advertising based on individual user profiles, with the ability to monitor and evaluate the performance of these advertisements.

Problematic Situations

  • The challenge was to migrate loyal consumers to a digital platform without sacrificing the quality and familiarity of their reading experience.
  • Scalability: The solution had to accommodate potentially thousands of users while maintaining a uniform experience.
  • Maintenance and Control: Non-tech-proficient newspaper employees needed to be able to manage tablet content. In addition, the marketing and business teams required tools for performance evaluation, consumer profile analysis, and the development of targeted advertising strategies.
  • The tablets had to be secure, protected and centrally managed to provide a unified
  • experience for all users.

The Solution

Our approach was holistic, considering both user experience and operational efficiency.

Platform Development

We developed a tablet launcher app with React Native to ensure device compatibility and efficacy.

Centralized Management

Using the Samsung Knox platform, we centralised the management, control, and security of all the tablets.

Content Management System (CMS)

A custom CMS was created for the publication, enabling them to update content and news seamlessly. The incorporation of extant RSS feeds allowed for the accessibility of archival information.


We implemented a middleware solution, caching, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to guarantee rapid and consistent content delivery.


The newspaper’s transition into the digital sphere was a resounding success, per the conclusion. In addition to retaining their loyal readership, they acquired a deeper understanding of their preferences, allowing them to optimise content and advertising. This solution involved adapting to the digital age and maximising its potential.


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