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Venue booking system

venue booking system



BookingMonk,  booking software has a unique set of functionalities that are tailored to a specific purpose, including web and mobile apps that streamline sports facilities and Court booking app. Our astonishing mobile and web-based applications provide all the essential requirements that help you to manage your sports venue and facility under one pool with a single interface in the Online booking system.

Branded and your own Mobile and Web app

Online User registration, booking and payments (Optional)

Manage unlimited locations and spaces/assets

Data security and privacy

Features in Venue Booking System

BookingMonk, Sports Venue Booking System developers have over 15 years of experience in developing event management appointments management and various booking software including Sports facility booking system solutions that meet industry needs.

Space Management

Creating, configuring and managing an infinite space, court, venue, etc extracted from a scrupulous administration module. You can define all the rules for your spaces including availability, location, maps and images from an intuitive Sports Venue Booking System. A simple sports court booking system allows creating, modifying to administer an unlimited court space.

Venue booking system
Venue booking system

Ecommerce and online shopping

Our unique booking software allows online booking and shopping for extra things that people may require while playing a sport, such as water, food, sports gear, and other accessories.

Booking Calendar

We provide complete integration with  Google and smartphone calendar connections in the Sports Venue Booking System. You can receive a comprehensive overview of your bookings in the court booking system and get a quick snapshot from our day or months view. The mobile calendar connection feature sends out a reminder to remind users about their schedule in the Sports court booking system. The online booking system will send them a notification on the scheduled date.

Venue booking system
Venue booking system

User Management

Users can register and search the online bookings system using our easy and reliable mobile online app, which reserves spaces in the venues/courts by making a payment through booking software. Users can also monitor, cancel, and create reminders for their reservations in the Court booking system.

Online Payments

Collect online payments on mobile or web-based apps with ease in Sports Venue Booking System. We accept all major credit cards, as well as Stripe and PayPal in booking software. Online payment acceptance will provide several payment choices for a UPI, wallet, credit, debit or net banking reservation in the Booking software.

Venue booking system
Venue booking system

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are known as the most convenient mode for any service and many users are adopting this arena to ease down the booking process. Our sports court booking system allows the facility to download the mobile app to manage all the activities with the help of using the phone. Our modern and easy court booking system is available in android and iOS mobile apps.

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Venue Booking System

Indapoint remains committed to strengthening and broadening the Sports Venue Booking System concepts. Here, we connect all the dots that are required to handle the scheduling process in any sport through booking software. A smart way of scheduling a court booking system reduces the administration burden. IndaPoint is known for a well-trained team of developers with extensive experience in strategic planning, investment, and specialist knowledge. We have a team of highly competent venue booking system developers who work to provide the best possible assistance and guidance when it comes to designing a venue booking system.

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