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Technologies Used

HTML MySQL WordPress

Who We Are?

eWell is not an ordinary health solution company. We are one the leading companies that you shouldn’t miss to ignore. Our company is located in Sweden and is currently filled with professional teams and advanced technologies to meet your needs.

eWell′s main goal is to become a leader in health data storage and analysis solution. eWell offered solution provides benefits to both health practitioners and patients. With our integrated solution, they can communicate with each other through smartphones by text chat or video. Depending on your choice, you can also discuss your training, health, test results, nutrition and medications with a health specialist from home. In addition, treatment counseling can also be done remotely. As a user, you also have a chance to get support to optimize your training through personal training online.

How We Helped eWell?

Our company offers solutions with the use of IoT or Internet of Things technology where distinct health monitoring tools communicate with center database to offer simple and reliable health monitoring. The common examples of these IoT devices include blood pressure monitor, weighing scale, hearth rate monitor and other related equipment.

Furthermore, the mobile app development and solution allows every health expert to offer online counseling services to their patients with the use of smartphone. This exceptional app development needs to reach a cross-platform target audience of mobile users spread all over the renowned mobile platforms like iOS, web and Android.

Our Solution

Upon contacting us and we already reviewed the technology and requirements needed, our teams will use LAMP or Linus, Apache, MYSOL, PHP as a server technology. We do this to improve web application and API needed to communicate with phone applications.

The health data exchange between devices is performed with the use of the industry standard APIs such as FitBit and RunKeeper. The solution also involved in integrating live face-to-face from smartphones and web.

Our company also uses innovative OpenTok services to offer high end video features. As a result, it has a full-featured, intuitive and fast mobile and web app that increases our client′s time-to-market and target audience coverage. It also empowers countless potential buyer across the most well-known mobile platforms.

After understanding mobile healthcare and how we work, you will surely want to witness how effective we are. Thus, you will be tempted to contact our authorized personnel. If you already knew how provide your needs, you surely understand why most people keep on depending on us over and over again.

What more can you ask for? Get your phone and start contacting our teams now! You are also free to visit our official website to know various things about our offered services. For inquiries, you can also send your questions directly to our website.

Are you looking for the best health solution company? Then, worry no more! Unlike others, you don’t have to spend more time and effort in finding the right one. Our company is here to provide everything you need.


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