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A great team can understand customers’ specific needs and put the effort to fulfill the needs of the customers by providing the best services. We are looking for team members who are passionate, and helpful collaborators and can convert ideas into reality.

IndaPoint Technologies provides the platform for passionate, and quick learner individuals to build their career in the field of Information Technology.

Our Values

Our Values

We care deeply for our workers and expect the following from co-workers in return.

  • Taking time to make present yourself
  • Be there with our coworkers

Level Up

Level Up

The Co-workers get an opportunity to

  • Cultivate curiousness
  • Learn by doing things
  • Navigate uncertainty
  • Go an extra mile

Be a better Neighbour

Be a better Neighbour

With our co-workers we:

  • We build a diverse and sustainable community
  • Encourage all voices
  • Be generous with your talents.

Lead the Future Together

Lead the Future Together

We believe in following certain principles to sustain for the long run

  • Be available and open
  • Entrepreneurship of merit
  • Speak up

Work with us

We are always ready to hire the best talent, who is passionate and love to work. Send us your CV with contact details at [email protected]

Current Openings

Our Culture

IndaPoint Technologies’ main objective is to let the team members discover their talents and put maximum effort to achieve the desired goals of the company and the customers.

We’re are looking for a candidate who is a passionate, quick learner, mission-focused, and who loves to work and also we take pride ourselves while hiring a skilled and professional candidate.

Our Company will always remain a startup and will help organizations to reach their goals through our professional development teams.

Embodying the Future

At IndaPoint, one of our values is to “ Lead the Future Together”. With Demographic changes underway in the US and abroad, we are committed to cultivating a workplace that mirrors reality. We’re excited to celebrate our progress thus far.

The Benefits

Web and Mobile App development company

Flexible Timing

Web and Mobile App development company

Learning and Training

Web and Mobile App development company

Option to Work From Home

Web and Mobile App development company

Five days a Week

Web and Mobile App development company

Yearly Group Vacation

Web and Mobile App development company

Amazing Team and Leadership

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