Online HR Survey Solutions

Online Web Based HR-Survey Solutions

Human Resources Surveys are a proven instrument of an organization’s successful management and can play an important role in helping any organization accomplish its goals. HR surveys solutions are most commonly used to gather data on a particular issue from within an organization, by surveying workers around the organization, or chosen employees across specific categories. The ‘Employee Satisfaction Survey’ is the most familiar form of an internal corporate survey, but such surveys can be used for many other purposes. Conducting regular, bi-annual, and even weekly assessments of human capital can not only enhance the workplace environment but can even increase morale and employee retention rates.

  • Enterprise Survey System
  • Exit Interview Surveys
  • Interface for 360 Surveys
  • Scheduled Invitations

Features in Online HR Survey Solutions

Our Online HR Survey developers provide best Online web-based HR solutions having 15+ years of experience in delivering the solutions to global clients.

Enterprise Survey System

Our HR survey solutions focus on the Enterprise structure that includes specific countries, business units, and departments. The solution helps in assigning your HR administrators to their own business areas by filtering access controls, reporting, and data analysis.

Online Web Based HR-Survey Solutions
Online Web Based HR-Survey Solutions

Exit Interview Surveys

We designed the interface to conduct employee exit surveys to keep information about how many employees left during the month, six months, and year. You can also filter the data as per the specific branch or division.

Interface for 360 surveys

We design the interface in such a way that you can easily conduct, follow up, and report 360 assessments online. Save time and effort by HR-survey solutions, it works as an automated tool so that you can easily perform the HR-related task.

Online Web Based HR-Survey Solutions
Online Web Based HR-Survey Solutions

Scheduled Invitations

With the help of Online HR-survey solutions, you can send survey invitations to users by just typing the email addresses. It also provides the feature to schedule the invitations on a specific date and time.

Activity Tracking Reports

You can track activity reports on how many users are given the survey, how many left the survey in between when they attended the survey, and more. Our HR survey solution help you track the data easily.

Online Web Based HR-Survey Solutions

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Online HR Survey Solution Team

Developing HR Survey web application without proper knowledge and skills is quite a challenge for every HR Survey application developer. One needs to be skilled and professional to make it happen.

Likewise, IndaPoint is a place that invests in such capable brains to work for their clients. IndaPoint is a pioneer of a well-learned team of developers with strategic planning, investment, and expert knowledge.

At IndaPoint have a team of highly skilled HR Survey application developers, which work to provide optimal support and proper guidance in developing HR Survey web application.

So, let our experts take charge. All you have to do is appoint our team of expert HR Survey application developers to build web application that delivers a high user experience and more dynamic features for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select the right Online HR survey Solutions company?

If you are looking for a top Online HR survey solutions company, then focus on the below points: At least 5 to 10 years of experience in delivering the projects. Developed 100+ applications. A team of experienced and professional developers. Had served Global Clients with 100% satisfaction.

How much does an HR survey solutions software cost?

The cost of the HR survey software depends on the factors such as features, design, developers, testers, project managers, etc. Contact our development team and tell them your requirements will give more details on the development cost.

Can I customize my HR survey software as per my needs?

Yes, you can our development team will develop the software as per your business needs and requirements so that you can easily customize it in the future.

What is the strength of IndaPoint Technologies?

IndaPoint Technologies is a leading Web and mobile application development company located in California, the USA, and with a production studio in Baroda ( Vadodara), Gujarat, India. We are having 15+ years of experience in serving professional Web Design and Mobile App development services with a 25+ team and have done over 500+ projects.

Once my HR survey project is completed, what after-sales service you will offer?

We are always with you even after the final delivery and Sign off. We provide a full six-month warranty and we also offer free updates to your application after sign off.

Apart from HR Survey solutions, what other services IndaPoint offers?

We offer Cloud Development Services, Web Development Services, Mobile Application Development Services, Website Design Services, CMS services, and more.
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