Our Serverless Development Solutions

    Our Serverless computing services in India can help you create the most flexible, scalable, unique, reliable, and scalable applications.

    Serverless Data Inclusion

    For storing and retrieving the data, we use Serverless Data Integration solutions. These connect to data stored on cloud platforms such as AWS (SQL Server), DynamoDB and MongoDB.

    Custom Serverless Application Development

    Our Serverless Development Company works with you to develop an application that will manage every aspect of your business and offer fixes for any problems.

    Serverless Backend as a Service (BaaS)

    Our serverless application development will create a serverless app backend for your product that is easy to deploy and manage.

    AWS Lambda Development

    Our team uses API Gateway to link AWS Lambda Functions with Node.js and Python seamlessly.

    Google Cloud Functions Development

    Our Google Cloud function developers can use Google Cloud functions in conjunction with serverless Firebase integration for high-quality, scalable and secure cloud functions.

    Serverless IoT Development

    Our offshore serverless developers can create high-quality, secure and scalable integrations with your product using AWS Lambda & the API Gateway.

    The Benefits of Serverless App Development

    Serverless apps can be a great asset to your business. You can get some benefits from serverless software development.

    Better Scalability

    You can automatically scale up or down your application by changing the consumption units rather than individual servers.

    No Server Management

    No need to maintain or provision any servers. Vendors manage all. We are Serverless companies that handle all runtime for installing

    Low Operating Cost

    Serverless manages the infrastructure so developers can concentrate on the server-side code. It also uses less computing power and reduces costs using fewer human resources.

    Quick Deployments and Updates

    Developers do not need to configure the backend or upload code. They only need to make a few changes and upload code snippets to update, patch or add new products.

    Top – Notch Serverless Development Services

    We strive to deliver web applications that are centered on clients and customers. This results in tangible business outcomes supporting brands in today's dynamic digital world. Our innovative approach to development, flexible engagement model, and user-oriented philosophy ensure we can meet all your hosting and development needs.

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    Hiring Model of Our Designing Services

    The hiring Model will minimize the cost by availing website development services and simultaneously provide an unparallel comfort level.

    Dedicated Teams

    If you are associated with a company needing dedicated attention, ask for dedicated teams. It includes
    • Monthly billing
    • No hidden cost
    • 160 hours of part & full time
    • Pay only for measurable

    Time & Material

    Use the hourly basis model if you are involved with undefined projects and require ongoing work. It includes:
    • Low financial risk
    • Requirement based work
    • No hidden cost
    • Pay only for measurable

    Controlled Agile

    It is highly suitable with a limited budget and needs some:
    • Small Projects
    • Optimal flexibility
    • Agile team
    • Complete control
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a serverless application?

      It allows for the deployment of code and provides backend services. Serverless strategies revolve around pay-for-value services, no management of servers, automatic and continuous scaling, and built-in fault tolerance.

    • Am I secure when using AWS Lambda code?

      AWS Lambda encrypts code at rest and stores it in Amazon S3. AWS Lambda will perform additional integrity checks as your code is being used. This is consistent with the majority of AWS services, including EC2.

    • What programming languages is AWS Lambda compatible with?

      AWS Lambda supports Java, Go (PowerShell), Node.js (Node.js), C#, Python and Ruby. It also provides a Runtime API that allows you to use other programming languages for Lambda functions.

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    I contacted Chirag of IndaPoint from a referral by a colleague. I found they lived up to their reputation of working hard to create the vision of the client. I had a complex website I needed to be created to fulfill my vision for an interactive and informative website which I´m sure created some challenging work for the team.

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    Mrs. Ramon Goswami from www.jaisiyaram.com recommends IndaPoint Technologies for all Web and app related development and programming work. She explains how IndaPoint team has taken full responsibility of their development work and providing them ongoing support since last so many years.


    Hi My name is Alec and I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service that IndaPoint provides. The few times I have requested support from IndaPoint it has been fast and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service.