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Design and Development with Force.com

Force.com is known to be a cloud development platform from the famous Salesforce.com. It helps you to continue building enterprise applications with reliability and scalability.

IndaPoint Technologies is an established company that develops applications with mobile and social functionality, reporting, search and business processes.

The best thing about Force.com is that it is being supported automatically, and the applications operate in the data center of Salesforce.com. At the database, the technology stack is being provided, along UI, workflow, security and database.

Along the presence of our programmers, we are able to write in the programming language of Apex with program controllers and database triggers in UI layer. There is a need for you to depend on us in the design and development with Force.com because we have proven our years of experience in building mobile and social applications. These applications deliver innovation to your own business, through the use of Force.com. Force is undoubtedly a secure, scalable and powerful cloud platform that delivers an inclusive technology that covers the ground from the security to database, to user interface and workflow.

Apart from it, we are highly recognized because we are using a complete stack of application development that include auto-generated interfaces for users, flexible sharing and security model, inclusive analytic and reporting capabilities, approvals and workflow and mobile optimization.

From us, we blend the design and development with Force.com. This is for us to possibly create dynamic portals and websites; keeping audience more engaged. Force.com is extremely powerful in the inside; but beautiful in the outside.

IndaPoint Technologies further implements and designs websites on Force.com. Through our reliable and knowledgeable team, they blend their creativity with the expertise on Force.com. This only means that Force.com website and the portal is transformed into a manageable, updated and absolutely experience among users.

For those who are waiting for call center agents, consumers are aiming for the most convenient way of finding dealers on electric equipments. IndaPoint Technologies is after developing a sales force website application that integrates the account data in the corporate website. This empowers consumers in locating and searching local dealers twenty-four hour seven.

It is true that Force.com is an in-demand platform for application development. This supports fifty-five thousand organizations and more. Commercial software and individual enterprises vendors trust this platform in delivering the most reliable, most robust and internet applications. It further meets the many demands of the bigger population. Its foundation serves as the software architecture in allowing multitenant applications.

Design and development with Forcecom helps your organization, company or business of innovating up to four times faster. At only lower costs, you can expect that our service is incomparable than the software platforms offered from other companies.

With our design and development experience with Forcecom, we are always here in helping you on your legacy applications. You can also take this opportunity of saving huge amount of money in infrastructure and software costs.

If you think that Force.com is the right platform for your own business, then we are here to work with you in performing all of the detailed requirements, feasibility studies, cost analysis and gap analysis.

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