How to Use Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin to Drive More Traffic

July 22, 2021

How to use google web stories wordpress plugin to drive more traffic

Google Web Stories is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to personalize your website’s stories. These web stories are full-screen, tappable pages with large text and links, as well as 15-second short films. You’ll be able to make interactive visual storytelling for your website with them.

Website owners can use Google web stories WordPress Plugin (GWS) to increase the number of visitors to their site. Participating in using the WP plugin is more convenient for Google. When combined with Google web stories WordPress, your site might swiftly rise to the top of Google search results pages, not just for discoveries but also for Discover, Google Apps, and Google pictures. So, how to use web-stories WordPress plugin to drive more traffic?

Web stories are available for free on the internet. These allow you to effortlessly construct visual storylines with trappable interactions and fascinating animations, as well as to immerse your readers in fast-loading, high-quality full-screen experiences. So, how to create google web stories.

What is Web Stories all about?

Google web stories WordPress Plugin, GWS is a unique collection of AMPs. It’s the contents that they’ll have to take up in teeny-tiny pieces. Create Google Web Stories, A total of 10 words are allowed on each page of the web stories. They also have a recommended page length of 4 to 30 pages. This allows publishers to monetize Google Ad Manager and Google DV360 by using connected associations (Beta).

The target audience for google web stories WordPress is mobile users who want to get a quick grasp of the information. Google now depicts this content in the shape of people waiting in line at a restaurant or attending a launch. Even web tales like this are open source.

These are formally called AMP stories, which refer to the size and layout of a magazine on a mobile device. The main content consists of a 15-second portrait video with the title, significant topics, and a link to the full story, which includes photographs with captions.

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Advantages of Web Stories

Advertisers are seeking to embrace the online story format since it is presented in a way that appeals to mobile consumers. As a result, google web story have become an important strategy for portals to drive traffic to their sites. The reason for this is because it is desirable.

Online tales are well-suited for putting content on WordPress blogs due to their design and content. When you integrate the extension with your WordPress website, Google web stories SEO begins to drive more traffic to the site. This will help you improve your Google app, Google images, Google Discover, and Google search rankings. We are the leading WordPress Development Company in USA.

You can:

  • Create attractive and engaging content with ease: From a technical standpoint, Web Stories make tale creation as simple as possible.
  • Enjoy editorial branding and freedom with creative flexibility: Web Stories has pre-made but adaptable format templates, systematized UI controls, and components for adding and sharing follow-up content.
  • Web Stories are part of the open web, which means they may be embedded and shared across apps and sites without being limited to a specific ecosystem.
  • Grasp the interest of your viewers by ensuring that your tales load quickly: Web Stories move at a breakneck pace to keep your audience entertained and engaged.
  • Track and measure your google web story: Bookend features and analytics for monetization and viral sharing are supported by Bookend.
  • Effectively monetize the captivating and beautiful stories you’ve written: Using connecting connections, Web Stories allows publishers to monetize their content. Advertisers can use Stories to reach a specific audience through a customized storytelling experience. Now you know the advantages of Web Stories, so how to create google web stories.

GWS WordPress Plugin

The purpose of Google’s announcement of this web stories WordPress Plugin extension is to ensure that publishers may use the google web stories plugin format to increase traffic. The fact that the WordPress plugin and the web stories plugin are still in their early phases, according to the authors, is worth highlighting.

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Easy to Consume Content

Google believes the basis of the online (web) story to be ‘easy to consume content.’ The videos must be under 15 seconds long and feature subtitles, according to the rules. It should also be shot in portrait mode rather than landscape mode, according to Google. This makes it easier to view the image on full-screen portable devices.

You should include captions for the videos so that users may understand them while watching them. The rationale for this is that they assume that the users will not be comfortable listening to the video at some time. They may, for example, be in open or public areas where their attention is readily divided; captions will aid them in such instances. For the long-form text, you can attach a link. If the user finds the content interesting, you can encourage them to read it all the way through.

Always Remember

Create Google Web stories are the newest cool addition to your content arsenal. There’s no doubt that not everyone will find these stories useful, but you have to consider the odds.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while using the Google web stories WordPress Plugin:

  • Ensure that the URLs for your stories are included in your XML sitemap (this will be done for you by Yoast SEO).
  • To make it easier for Google to understand your stories, include Schema structured data (this will be done for you by Yoast SEO).
  • Make sure your stories are valuable and of excellent quality.
  • You can include advertisements, but don’t go overboard.
  • Excessive links to external sources can cause readers to become distracted.
  • Keep the story short and snappy (As per Google 5-30 pages).
  • Keep your title short.
  • Excessive text on sites should be avoided.
  • To make photos more accessible, use alt text to describe them.

Why Download GWS WordPress Plugin?

It does not yet have all of its features because it is still in its early phases. It could also be infected with bugs. It can, however, be used to create a test site to familiarise yourself with the plugin. When the full-featured version is released, you will be able to ensure the final version.

Configuring the GWS WordPress Plugin

This plugin’s previous version may be downloaded for free here. The fact that this early version is in public beta means that it contains all of the features that we expect to see in the final edition. The final version is intended to include features such as improved stabilization, bug corrections, and other page linkages. How to create google web stories.

How to Install This Plugin

  • Download the plugin from the Stories GitHub Page.
  • Go to WordPress and click on Add New Plugin.
  • To upload the plugin, click the button.
  • Choose a file from your laptop or another source.
  • Now press “Install.”

Activate your Google web stories WordPress Plugin ( GWS) once you’ve received information that it’s been installed successfully.

How can you create Google Web Stories?

It’s quite simple to create Google web stories. There are several options available to assist you in developing new stories. Follow our steps to write the greatest stories possible and boost your traffic.

Adding Stories

When you install the plugin, a new option called Stories will appear in your dashboard. This section allows you to view all of your previous stories, add new ones, and try different templates.

Create New Stories

When you select “Create Story” from the dashboard, you’ll be sent to the editor, where you can use a variety of graphic tools. These options will appear on the page’s left side. Images, text, shapes, and other types of material can be added to the page.

A range of tools for editing and publishing the article can be found in the middle of the page. Design and document tools are located on the right-hand side. As independent layers, you can add numerous items to the page.

Choosing Content

The content area is located on the dashboard’s left-hand side. You have the option of selecting content from your media folder. Text, photos, and other shapes can all be uploaded from your phone’s storage. You may either double-click or drag and drop an image onto your story page to add it.

Inserting Text

Google stories can even have text added to them. Preset buttons for adding headers, subheadings, and body text are available on the text tab. A new screen appears on the right-hand side after you click on the text. There are various options for changing the text’s alignment, color, size, and location.

A minimum font size of 24 is recommended by Google. It is also advised that the stories contain as little text as possible. This will encourage readers to visit your website and read more.

Using Templates

There are a variety of pre-designed templates available to aid in the creation of stories. These templates, combined with appropriate descriptions, can be used to market your website. At the moment, there are eight different types of templates. These categories contain a number of sites that you can use.

Use Audio

You can also add short audio clips to the backdrop of your stories to enhance them and make them more appealing to users.

Use Clickable Call to Action

This is one of Google stories’ finest features. To attract more visitors to your webpage, post, or any other landing page, you can employ clickable CTA links. Google stories can also be used to promote any future marketing event.

Embed your Google Web Story into your post

Don’t forget to add a link to your blog post after you’ve created Google web stories. Your tales will be sharable, and your audience will be able to share them on any platform.


If you already have a website but are unsure whether the Google web stories WordPress plugin will be beneficial to your company, the quick answer is yes. This plugin has a high hit rate, with over 5.6 billion searches per month; therefore, if your web stories are to outperform in SERPs, they must have high click-through rates, which takes only a few minutes. If you are unable to use the web stories, it is better to hire WordPress Developer India, so what will be the cost to hire WordPress developer in India?


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