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January 9, 2017

Responsive SEO Friendly Web Development Company California web mobile cloud

One of the most interesting developments noticed in the website development industry is termed to be an evolution of responsive Website Design. The Responsive web design is said to fit easily into devices of different screen sizes, irrespective of it being a tablet, smartphone, or computer. The layout is adjusted by the design depending upon the screen size without actually disturbing clarity.

With people in huge numbers searching for crucial information from mobile phones and tablets, SEO can be impacted upon by having great responsive Web Design and Web Development. For affecting SEO positively, the site needs to have all the necessary elements of responsive design.

Why hire SEO friendly and Responsive web development firm?

Looking at the benefits is likely to help the entrepreneur to know why hiring such companies can be crucial for their online business.

Enhances LOC SEO Ranking: In case, local keywords responsive site design is being targeted, then it is likely to enhance the site’s local search visibility. With increased mobile phone user numbers trying to seek local business directions, the responsive design can assist Google to identify that the site does deserve a higher position within the local search results. But, if the web page is seen not to be mobile-friendly, then the site is sure to get a poor user experience, thereby leading towards higher bounce rates, affecting the negative position of the website in the search results.

Eliminating duplicate content: Site owners developing separate website versions for the mobile phone tend to replicate original content from the main site to the mobile version, which leads to duplication of content, thereby decreasing mobile site credibility in the search engines. The reputed development firm would build a responsive Content Management System that can eliminate the challenges of duplicate content.

Diminishing SEO investment: Single URL is present for responsive web design for both mobile and desktop users, thereby making it much easier for the search engines to crawl through the content and URL effortlessly. All desktop-based onsite efforts would be applicable on the mobile versions which include SEO-friendly contents, internal linking structure, and Meta tags. Also, link building efforts are to be maintained equally for both mobile and desktop versions using responsive design.

Saving precious money: Entrepreneurs can save a good amount of money and time on responsive website design. Additional costs can be saved on mobile development maintenance and support.

Besides the above, the reputed web development firm can assist in enhancing conversion rates and stay ahead of the competitors.

We are expertise in providing the best responsive web design development services using the latest technologies at affordable prices. Are you looking to outsource responsive design services? We are ready to help you! Contact us now for more details.


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