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How to create a framework-agnostic application in PHP

Using the term agnosticism in the context of software engineering is a stretch, but it makes sense to me. When it comes to an application that uses a database but doesn’t know and has no way of knowing (or doesn’t care) what database engine it is, the term database-agnostic application is used.

10 Great Frameworks for PHP: A blog discussing frameworks in PHP language.

A PHP framework is a platform that enables a web developer to create a website. To put it another way, it gives you a framework for creating web applications. These frameworks save a lot of time by eliminating the need to rewrite the same code over and over again, as well as allowing for faster application development (RAD). PHP frameworks provide structure to developers, allowing them to quickly construct applications.

How to Choose a Web Development Company

In this fast-paced digital environment, both new and established firms must focus on enhancing their prospects. Web development strategies are half of your business’s success, which is why you should consider them as a way to broaden your horizons.

It is critical, however, that you select the best web support firm. You should look for organisations that can supply top-notch web services if you want to locate folks that will think outside the box.

Top reasons to choose Shopify for your eCommerce business

Ecommerce websites make it possible for your company to have a large customer base. They provide customers with the ability to conduct business online while using devices they already own. The traditional method of creating eCommerce portals has been supplanted by current cart generation software. These web development programmes are available in a variety of features and quality. Time savings, development effort reductions, physical server cost reductions, and labour cost reductions are just a few of its advantages.

Top 10+ WordPress Development Companies in 2022

In today’s competitive business environment, having a well-designed, sturdy, and user-friendly website is essential. You must always maintain the brand ahead of the competition in today’s era of competition.

PHP VS ASP.NET Which one is best for Web Development?

One of the biggest leagues between the two most competent technologies has caught the eye of many business owners. They do not just sit and watch rather brainstorm and list out the comparisons as well as differences between PHP Vs ASP.NET to identify how they have toiled for fulfilling the desired requirements.

Top Web Development Frameworks in 2021

Websites have become essential to make a noticeable online footprint for companies in this growing world. The greatest method to attract new users is to create complex and intuitive Websites and the best web development frameworks help to ease this. The correct website can help you develop such websites and applications. There are many new technologies in web development which have ample features.

What could be the costs to develop a multi-vendor eCommerce website?

Do you wish to build a multi-vendor e-commerce platform similar to Amazon or eBay but are concerned about the cost? Or How to build a multi vendor ecommerce website with WordPress? Not any longer! This complete article will help you in knowing the expenses of developing a multi-vendor e-commerce platform in 2021 and answers all of your questions about build ecommerce marketplace.

How to improve your WordPress page loading speed

No SEO works without a website having a good speed score. If your website takes longer to load than it should, it’s safe to assume that your visitors and bottom line will suffer as a result. Read more about how to improve the WordPress loading speed and why it is so crucial here.


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