Top 10+ WordPress Development Companies in 2022

October 25, 2021

top 10 wordpress development companies in 2022

In today’s competitive business environment, having a well-designed, sturdy, and user-friendly website is essential. You must always maintain the brand ahead of the competition in today’s era of competition. Promoting a business or service via a website is the most effective method. By building an appealing and user-friendly website, the new-age digital platform allows you to turn web users into potential clients. To earn your customers’ trust, you can reflect your company’s goodwill.

WordPress outperforms other content management systems when it comes to web creation, powering about 35% of the top one million websites. WordPress development also provides its customers with a vast library of plugins, allowing it to be completely customized to your specific needs while also giving a mobile-friendly look and simple search engine optimization.

Here’s the list of Top 10+ WordPress Development Companies in 2022


UPQODE is an advertising agency based in Nashville. The majority of the team, however, is dispersed. They excel at everything from design and development to content and SEO. Their tech team is well-balanced to guide you through the process of iteration, design, launch, and growth.

They are completely dedicated to WordPress designing, and the majority of their projects include the launch of websites for small businesses. Their diverse skill set allows them to integrate sites with HubSpot, create eCommerce businesses, and create custom themes and plugins for a wide range of sectors. Their portfolio is likely to be one of the most extensive on our list.


On this list, WebDevStudios is among the earliest and most experienced WordPress development firms. They were founded in 2002 and began focusing on Open Source choices in 2008. Engineers, project managers, strategists, and assistants comprise up a team of more than 40 people at this top technical development firm.

From enterprise to non-profit, they may give WordPress solutions. WebDevStudios can migrate you to WordPress quickly if you’re on another platform. With several sites produced for Microsoft, they have a strong background in corporate design.

As a full-service marketing firm. WebDevStudios can help start-ups, established industries, educational facilities, non-profits, and more with technical and marketing support.

WebDevStudios is difficult to beat when it comes to the technical details of WordPress. They’ve authored several publications for WordPress novices, and they devote 5% of their team’s time to contributing to the platform.


Over 20 illustrators, programmers, project managers, and business growth managers comprise Librafire’s multi-national team. They are well-positioned to accommodate your timetable, with offices in Serbia, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Librafire’s designs are eye-catching, which is perhaps why they receive so many outsourcing contracts. With over 300 projects spanning a wide range of industries, they have no industry bias. Their front-end abilities are strong, comparable to those of larger organizations. This is especially true in the case of JavaScript.

They specialize in WordPress, Drupal, and Laravel, but they also have the backend expertise to create a customizable website from the ground up. If you’re just beginning out, their brand design expertise will help you develop your brand. When you combine this with their costs, you have an agency that is ideal for start-ups and small businesses.

Human Made

Human Made is yet another prestigious WordPress development company based in England but with employees from all over the world. Human Made is a technical development business capable of creating unique tools and platforms, with over 70 developers, site supervisors, advertisers, and event planners on staff.

They are in charge of the online footprint of some of the world’s largest media firms, specializing in technically demanding WordPress development. They’re also in charge of Altis, a WordPress-based revolutionary digital platform utilized by Red Bull and Snopes, among others.

Their unique work can be spotted behind high-traffic establishments in a variety of industries. From sophisticated cloud services to use marketing automation technologies, they can help. Their work is mostly found in the media, financial, and publication industries.

They are not only big-name clients but also Open Source enthusiasts. They are frequently found organizing events for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and flag events such as WordCamp Europe.


Since its inception in 2009, Multidots has continually exceeded growth targets. What began as a small outsourcing provider has developed into a WordPress maintenance and development firm that has recently been accepted into the Silver WordPress VIP partnership programme.

Multidots is a WordPress powerhouse, as you might expect. Multidots can help you with a custom design or a WordPress migration. They may undertake site audits, optimization techniques, and any other maintenance jobs you may have if you’re already up and running. They are India’s leading PHP agency, having expertise in WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain Digital is the first WordPress organization in London and the ideal WordPress company for anyone concerned in using technology for good. This is, without a doubt, in their genes. They began in 2007 intending to assist beneficial groups in becoming more successful online.

Wholegrain Digital has specialized in offering pleasurable experiences through exceptional user experience and navigation as a result of its work with positive organizations. Improved back-end workflows, another element of a Wholegrain Digital project, demonstrate the company’s devotion to users.

Web sustainability is another of Wholegrain Digital’s focuses. This dedication has aided them in developing a thorough understanding of online performance in their drive to decrease digital waste. These optimization skills ensure that any SEO or marketing initiatives you conduct will be supported by your designs.

They provide conventional maintenance and support plans as well as a continual improvement plan that allows you to benefit from the most recent WordPress updates.

10 Up

On this list, 10up is now the only company with an Emmy nomination for WordPress development. However, don’t be put off by this. They’ve produced WordPress websites for some of the greatest names in business, medical, and government, as well as local schools and non-profits, as WordPress Gold VIP partners.

They are a global full-service agency with over 200 strategists, designers, developers, engineers, and marketers. They specialize in complex WordPress builds with high-performance demands, as you might anticipate.

This gives them demonstrated knowledge in front-end engineerings, such as WCAG accessibility, as well as back-end engineering, such as GraphQL, and technical cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services.

They are well-known for their tools like ClassifAI_, which is an AI tool for producing alt text, picture tags, content classification, and more. They have won many Webbys.

10up is an outspoken supporter of open source, having donated over 4,000 corporate hours to well-known open-source projects. Over 40 conference speakers and WordPress contributors make up the crew.


DevriX is a WordPress support firm that has been there since the beginning. The phrase “WordPress retainer” was coined by them.

They have developed into a full-service development firm with developers, designers, engineers, and marketers based all around the world since their founding in 2010 in Bulgaria.

This distributed team specializes in constructing scalable WordPress multisite operations, as well as developing SaaS applications.

DevriX, on the other hand, has built over 200 free plugins for their clients, earning a reputation for custom plugin development. DevriX plugins for image galleries, RSS feeds, oEmbeds, and other features were available on at one time.

DevriX cultivates long-term relationships with its customers, with 90 per cent of them having worked with them for more than two years. This is because, in addition to design and development, they can assist you to construct SEO and marketing strategies by leveraging their digital marketing expertise.


WPRiders is one of the most reputable WordPress development agency.

We have a lot of faith in these folks, and we’re just one of their 1,000+ satisfied customers thanks to our long-term relationship. With ratings ranging from 96 to 100 per cent, it’s no surprise that WPRiders is frequently acknowledged by prominent business publications such as Clutch and GoodFirms.

With a team of business analysts informing the work of their concept, implementation, and testing teams, WPRiders is committed to helping you expand your business. You can rest assured that their solutions were created with a thorough understanding of market and technology trends.


Cut2Code, based in Poland’s Silicon Valley, is a rapidly expanding WordPress development firm. To assist them with engineering with a worldwide client base, the entire group works from Poland on a rotational schedule.

Cut2Code excels at converting pre-existing designs into fully functional websites. You may either hire them to work with your existing teams or commission them to create a custom website based on a brief.

The front-end team has a track record of creating custom solutions that integrate with the WordPress Block Editor seamlessly. They do, however, have a lot of experience with both WordPress and Shopify when it comes to eCommerce. Ruby on Rails can also be used to build whole platforms for larger applications.


With headquarters in Canada, SAU/CAL is a global network of WooCommerce professionals. They’ve progressed through the ranks to become Silver WordPress VIP agency partners, as well as Kinsta and WPEngine partners.

They’re also qualified WooExperts who launched their company because they couldn’t find competent eCommerce developers. Because of their passion for eCommerce, they are familiar with all of the tools and can create anything else from scratch.

They are solely focused on WordPress and WooCommerce, however. They can, however, create websites that are scalable for both major corporations and small businesses. If your store is in need of a makeover, SAU/CAL can help.


Building a WordPress site may be intimidating, whether you’re attempting to establish a business or draw attention to a worthwhile cause. Indapoint is one of the best WordPress development companies can help your project shine by providing fresh ideas and technical know-how. Fortunately, no matter what your budget or needs are, there are various companies to pick from.


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