How to build a profitable app

August 26, 2021

how to build a profitable app

A profitable app is something that an app developer should be capable of managing. However, it is not as simple as it appears. While it is critical to creating an app based on great ideas, it is also critical to ensure that you create a mobile application that people want to use. It’s important to remember that developing apps isn’t simple – and that an app is almost always doomed to fail. That is why it is critical to understand how to create a profitable app for creators.

The possibility of making it big with one famous app has resulted in an influx of entrepreneurs chasing the app dream. One thing is certain: there is a lot of money in applications, billions of dollars, to be exact, and the amount is growing rapidly.

With such an enticing app industry, you might have a wonderful app concept. But, like so many others before you, you have no idea how to convert your dream into a reality – or how to profit from it. To assist you, we’ve created a guide that will lead you through creating a profitable app from scratch and creating an app and making money. Let’s check out the procedure of how to create a profitable app.

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How much money can an app make?

A smartphone app can generate billions of dollars in revenue each year, yet only a small percentage of apps ever do.

Let us give you an example of what I mean: the top 200 apps on the app store earn around $82,500 every day. When we extend our search to include the top 800 apps on the Google Play Store, the daily cost drops to $3,500!

This figure varies by business category.

Follow these methods for mobile apps to earn money:

methods to earn money from apps

You should make your program free if you want the most downloads. The safest way, though, is to create both paid and free versions and then experiment to determine which generates the most revenue. The type of app you want to build and your target audience will determine which of these monetization strategies you utilize on how to earn money from apps. Finally, a good monetization plan should appear and feel like a natural part of the app experience. You’ll want to build a large, engaged user base to increase your chances of making money with the process of how to create an app and make money.

We are pretty sure your mind might be looking for How to create a profitable app. Can you make money from apps?

The answer is yes. Here’s the guide on how to create an app and make money

Now that we’ve covered the principles of app monetization, it’s time to learn how to create a profitable app. Having a basic understanding of the duties and effort needed in developing an android app making money will save you a lot of time and money, whether you hire a developer or learn how to create a profitable app.

Here are the ten simple steps on how to make money creating apps for android:

1. Channelize app ideation

channel app optimization

The first step in designing an app is to determine what the app’s ultimate goal is and what you want to achieve with making money with android apps.

To better envision your thoughts on making money from app development, you might try to draw out your ideas on making money with Android apps. You can better explain your vision to others for buy-in and if you plan to hire individuals to help you make your app a reality by putting your idea into words and visuals on how android

apps earn money. There are several Android app development company in India that provide services related to this.

2. Conduct competitive market analysis

market analysis

Check the ratings and reviews of the competing applications you will find. Please take note of:

  • Function set App Name
  • Scheme for pricing/monetizing
  • Last updated reviews and reviews app publisher
  • Downloads

Although the app economy is enticing, be sure that most of the money is made from particular kinds of apps, and many apps make absolutely no money. Like any business or Android app development company in India, you need to investigate and understand the marketplace to enhance your chances of success in India’s mobile app development company.

Visit the app stores to get a sense of the market and make money from android apps. Is there a pattern to the apps that consistently rank in the top-paid, top-free, and top-grossing categories? Are there any apps similar to the one you want to make on the list of a mobile app development company in India? In the end, you’ll want to see if the market is interested in your software. Many people persist in their original idea even though the odds are stacked against them – this could be one of the most costly mistakes you can make. After that, look into the competition and Android app development company in India. You may believe you have a unique concept, but chances are someone else has already thought of it. Examine the competition for your app concept to determine if you can improve your app over theirs, and  mobile app development company in India will take care of it.

Learn more about how to make money-making apps. The mobile app development company in India follows all the guidelines.

build android profitable app

3.  Make a list of the app’s features

points to keep in mind while making an app profitable app

Make a list of all the features that each competitive app has. Take note of the following:

  • What are the primary characteristics of all competing apps?
  • What distinguishes each of the competing apps from the others?
  • What features are likely to be completely absent from any of the current apps?
  • When we look at the reviews later, we’ll see if users note any specific aspects they like or dislike.

The ease of use of your app is facilitated by the user experience, which is an important component of the process. Take your time with this phase because the wireframe will serve as the framework for your app development. This is something that an app developer can assist you with if you hire one. There are several iPhone app development company in India that provide services related to this.

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4. Create design mockups for your app

mockups for an app

Once you have done the planning, it is time to apply graphical design for the app’s user interface. This step brings the application layout to life with the creation of all colors, pictures and linkages. You must anticipate receiving high-resolution skins and screens on your wireframe when you employ a graphic designer and make money with a mobile app.

hire dynamic ui angularjs developer

5. Make the visual design for your app

visual design of an app

Now it’s time to design your app’s aesthetic appearance.

It’s similar to pre-construction condo brochures that display concept images of the condo’s look once completed.

You’re working on a graphic design that satisfies the following requirements:

  • This image represents the final product’s appearance.
  • It can be used in presentations to persuade potential investors or partners to invest or partner with you.
  • The graphic materials can be included in the project by developers.
  • The work that you undertake in this step will have a significant impact on the app’s user interface and user experience (UI/UX).
  • This is the most time-consuming part of how to make money from your app process.

how to make responsive website

6. Compile an application marketing plan

marketing plan of app

In the iOS App Store, there are about two million apps. You’ll need a strategy for marketing your app to the correct audience if you want it to be noticed.

A lot of marketing work nowadays takes place before the app is even released! For example, building a pre-launch email list and using paid promotion to promote your software are both typical practices these days.

Intensive Marketing is essential!

To assure your app’s long-term success:

  1. Do your study on mobile app marketing and experiment with numerous tactics.
  2. Don’t overlook the fundamental features of your app as a marketing opportunity to help customers transition from viewing to downloading on how android apps make money.
  3. Experiment with alternative keywords and, if necessary, swap categories.

Marketing needs to be tweaked regularly to keep up with changing consumer demand and competition on how to earn money by developing android apps. We propose that you connect your app to an applications store analytic program to measure and optimize it, regardless of which technique you select on how to create a profitable app.

7. Testing

testing phase of app

It is crucial to re-test your app at this step because you should now have a workable app to review. All your app screens should now work correctly, and your app should also be aesthetically attractive. Take the time to pass all functions on how to make money on iOS apps. Never assume anything will work because it worked during the process of making money android apps. Neither are you the only tester. Submit input with the help of friends, family, and colleagues. They could have queries you haven’t had since you built the program. You could be startled. Please use these details on how to create a profitable app.

8. Send your application to the App Store

app upload to store

It’s time to launch your app now that all of the final changes have been completed. You may easily add your software to Google Play and begin selling it there on the process of how to earn money in application and how android apps earn money. Before it is released, Apple will review your app. Apple’s review time varies; expect it to take anywhere from 3 to 10 days.

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9. Market your app to get the most exposure

market exposure on apps

Here are some high-impact app marketing tactics you may utilize in addition to implementing your marketing plan.

  • Get your app listed on Google’s App Store.
  • Run a free-to-paid campaign.
  • Influencer marketing is a great way to improve your ASO (app store optimization) game.

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10. Improve user feedback for your application

improve user app experience

If your app is in real users’ hands, some feedback will begin to emerge.

A nice thing and a negative one.

Be thankful for being willing to let someone say how you can better since if someone talks, there are probably more users who feel the same, but are not ready to speak up. Show your users after launch that you won’t leave your app. Show you that the app is always improving and bug fixes, new features and app updates are being released.

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Over time, the other mobile applications you do not build are beating out in your niche!


It’s crucial to note that each approach has its perks and disadvantages to earn money with so many app monetization techniques to generate money with applications. Now, you may have the solution to your questions, such as how to create a profitable app

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