IndaPoint’s experience and skills in the e-commerce industry enable us to provide custom solutions for your business right now. Simply contact us today describing your requirements in detail, and we will provide a free professional quote.

    Custom osCommerce Services

    We specialize in providing our customers with all services relating to osCommerce store and trading solutions. Should you want to create a new Web shop, update an existing osCommerce site, add customer payment processing modules, or optimize your osCommerce site for Internet search engines—we always have a solution for you.

    Payment Module Customizations

    • Configuration and integration of Paypal,, etc
    • Bank transfers—Western Union e-check payments via phone, fax, or e-mail (US only)
    • Custom API payment method
    • Credit card payment integration—CCAvenue, iTransact, iPay, etc
    • Calculation for installment payments
    • E-register—EPS Securenet payment

    Product Catalog Customizations

    • Group creation and management
    • Featured products display online customer support
    • Inventory management and reorder level
    • Customer credit evaluation based on payment history
    • Discount management (Customer-, payment- or group-based)
    • Net billing integration
    • Display or hide products (new, sold out); Order management (invoice, packing slips, etc)
    • Award or reward points and redemption

    Order and Sales Customizations

    • Order management
    • Insurance calculation for total shipping
    • Post-sale surveys
    • Default currency display
    • Charges for different payment types
    • Customer support pre- and post- sales
    • Gift certificate redemption
    • Payment gateways fees and charges
    • Set minimum order quantity
    • Sales statistics
    • Discount coupons

    Shipping Module Customizations

    • UPS integration with insurance
    • Addition and modification of product attributes
    • Quote details for Fedex, UPS and DHL actual price display at checkout on weight-to-cost ratio
    • Free shipping and other customizations
    • Shipment calculation based on weight, price, location, etc
    • Package tracking system
    • Currency conversion

    osCommerce Standard Installation Features

    Customer Section Features

    • Easy new signup forms and temporary shopping cart
    • Customer login & registration
    • Product reviews, bestseller lists, related products suggestions
    • New and featured products list for returning visitors with order history and track order status
    • Secure transactions with SSL and guided checkout process
    • Password retrieval option
    • Easy-edit customer orders—Tools to update/manage accounts and address books
    • Permanent shopping cart
    • Fast advanced search for products; categories, manufacturer name and price amount
    • “Breadcrumb” trail navigation

    Administrative Features

    • Manage orders
    • Manage reviews
    • Product management for featured items, best sellers and new products
    • Currency exchange rates, auto update
    • Modify design layout
    • Support multiple currency
    • Secure admin panel login
    • Generate standard statistics report
    • Catalog management for unlimited physical or virtual products
    • Manage product, image and description
    • Backup or restore database
    • E-mail notification, order confirmation and newsletter features

    Product Features

    • Manage product display: special sales, featured items, etc
    • Sell multiple types of products with unlimited categories
    • Stock management, product availability, product scheduling
    • Product reviews
    • HTML product description editor

    Payment Options

    • Offline: credit cards, cheques, money orders, etc
    • Zone-based payment acceptance
    • Online: Paypal,, CSI LinkPoint, 2Checkout, etc
    • Custom packing slips and invoices

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