IndaPoint is the leading provider of comprehensive MODx solutions for all your website needs. Whether you are looking to build a new website, convert PSD to MODx, enhance your website’s SEO using MODx, customize templates, develop Chunks or Snippets, update an existing MODx site, add new features, or optimize your site for search engines, we have the perfect solution for you.

    MODx CMS offers a comprehensive range of features and tools that empower designers with access to advanced functionality, eliminating the need for specialized technical knowledge.

    If you are a designer, creative company, or provider of SEO services, MODx is the ideal solution for your website needs. It offers a fast, efficient, and search engine-friendly website without the requirement of programming knowledge. MODx is a content management system (CMS) that is specifically designed to be SEO-friendly.

    MODx allows you to create a website with following features

    • It creates W3C-valid pages
    • It provides search engine-friendly URLs
    • It allows highly flexible and user-friendly keywords and meta tag management
    • Easily create Robert.txt files
    • MODx generates fully XHTML-compliant code
    • MODx allows creating sitemap.xml as per the Google webmaster tool.
    • MODx also allows customized 404 pages
    • MODx CMS allows div tags to be ordered so that the text appears at the top and images and other
      content appear at the bottom.

    If you are seeking web application development services or looking to hire a dedicated team with expertise in Modx, Modx SEO, Modx Wiki, modxcms, dittos, Wayfinder, Templates, Chunks, and Snippets, regardless of your location in India, USA, Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, or any other country, please reach out to us.

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