Facebook is one of the most widely used website today and almost 500 million people around the world are using Facebook each month. There are over 500,000 new people joining each and every day. All of these users are from very important demographics from social media marketing perspective. They are spending more of their time and efforts with Facebook compare to other Media of social marketing.

    You can review Facebook popularity here.

    Albeit Facebook provides very good opportunity for website and business owners, most marketers lack specific
    understanding of the extensive opportunity Facebook offers.

    We help social media marketers, website owners, corporates, brand managers to understand importance of Facebook and provide effective solution specific to their business.

    We provide following Services

    • Facebook application development
    • Fan page creating and customization
    • Account Registration Data
    • Analytics
    • Facebook authorization integration on website
    • Facebook API integration and development with desktop applications
    • Blog customization and atomization with Facebook
    • Profile Tabs
    • Facebook query language integration
    • Facebook marketing
    • Single Sign-on
    • Server-side Personalization
    • Social media integration on websites
    • Facebook Mobile application development
    • Stream publish
    • Bookmarks and Counters
    • Invite Friends

    Social plugin integration

    • Like Button
    • Login Button
    • Activity Feed
    • Facepile
    • Recommendations
    • Comments
    • Like Box
    • Live Stream

    If you are from India, USA, Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, New Zeeland, The Netherlands, Germany, Europe or
    from any other country and looking for facebook development and customization, please contact us.

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