What’s New in WordPress 6.0 (Features and Screenshots)

May 30, 2022

WhatsNew in WordPress 6.0

WordPress 6.0 was released earlier this year, and this is the second major release of 2022.

The customised theme, including template changes, can now be exported with WordPress 6.0. This means you can use the editor to customise your block theme and then zip it up. However, until you make changes to the readme.txt, screenshot, version number in style.css, theme name, licence, and so on, you won’t be able to publish the theme to the WordPress theme repository.

WordPress 6.0 Improves Accessibility

One of WordPress’ main goals is to make publishing more accessible to everyone. Every WordPress update improves the core software to make it more user-friendly.

A couple of the most notable accessibility improvements in WordPress 6.0 are listed below.

  • If no other ALT textual material is available, the publication title might be utilised as the ALT text for featured images.
  • In blocks containing placeholder components, higher tabbing is recommended.
  • Bulletins can be found using a block search.
  • Learn how to describe blocks using a placeholder configuration.
  • On smaller screens, display screen readers can read the textual content labels in the admin bar.
  • When a draft is saved, extra descriptive bulletins are included for display screen readers.


WordPress 6.0 ” New Features”

Accessibility within WordPress

Every new WordPress version improves the CMS’s usability. The most recent version of WordPress includes numerous enhancements that will enhance your user experience and accessibility.

New Design Instruments


Some great new design tool features are included in the WordPress 6.0 version. In the Group block, you can now control spacing, margins, typography, and more all at once. Switching between stacks, rows, and group variations gives you greater layout options. Furthermore, colour transparency levels now allow for even more creative colour modification, and new border controls make border adjustments much easier. A new colour panel design saves space while displaying all of your selections at a glance.

WordPress 6.0 Enhances Usability

WordPress’ main goal is to make publishing more accessible to everyone. Every WordPress update improves the core software to make it more user-friendly.

Updated List View


The option to lock your block is a useful new feature. You can disable a block’s movement or prevent it from being removed. The idea is to make turning over a project to clients as simple as possible, without them having to worry about breaking things while working on the blocks.

Additionally, you can now customise block behaviour across several displays. You have the option of displaying group blocks in a row or a stack.


Several Different Styles


Multiple style variations are now possible in block themes. This implies you can alter both the style (default colour palette) and the available options (font-weight). It’s a long-awaited feature for theme writers, who can now bundle various sets of global styles with a single click while allowing users to move between them.

WordPress Theme Customization

Using the same block editor that you use to create articles and pages, you can visually change your WordPress theme templates. To edit the theme, you must have a block-enabled theme.



The avatar block allows you to display a person’s Avatar (profile photograph). You can choose whether to display the avatar of a specific individual or the avatar of the current submitter/web page creator.

Select a Page Design

You may now choose a page pattern for new pages with this brand-new functionality. One can choose from a list of patterns in a pop-up window.

However, keep in mind that not all themes are compatible with this new functionality yet, but you may still browse and add patterns using the pattern library.

Enhanced Writing Skills

WordPress is always looking for new methods to improve the content generation process. One of the primary additions to look forward to this time around is the ability to pick text across many blocks to make copy-paste easier.

You may also create customised buttons that will preserve their style when you make new ones. You can also maintain your previous styles when changing blocks – for instance, from a paragraph to a code block. Furthermore, you may now use the ‘[[‘ functionality to rapidly view a list of recent pages and posts by typing ‘[[‘.

This is great for inserting internal links because you won’t have to open a new tab and search manually. Typing, for example, is an alternative.

Changes to the Block Editor in WordPress 6.0


The block editor is where most WordPress users spend most of their time while generating content and constructing pages for their websites. Each WordPress release builds on the previous one to improve WordPress users’ writing and content generating abilities.

WordPress 6.0 includes some great features that can substantially improve the way you work on your website. With WordPress 6.0, you can now lock a block to prevent customers from removing it or changing its location.

The reusable blocks have a severe drawback in that if anyone makes changes to them, those changes are stored. For the time being, block locking in WordPress 6.0 does not alleviate this difficulty.

Query Loop Comment

The new Comment Query Loop block replaces the Post Comments block in WordPress 6.0.

It includes sub-blocks such as the comment creator’s name, avatar, comment content, edit hyperlink, and more. You can adjust each one separately to mimic your comments on your WordPress site for a more engaging experience.

Enhancements to the Editor of Miscellaneous Blocks

The block editor has a few new features in WordPress 6.0, including the ones listed below.Choose Some Blocks in Listing View


Within the checklist view, you may now select from a variety of blocks with WordPress 6.0. Additionally, you can use Shift+Click on or Shift+Up+Down to choose several neighbouring blocks in the checklist view by pressing Shift+Click on or Shift+Up+Down.Inner Hyperlinks with a Quick Shortcut

You may now quickly add links by using two square brackets followed by the title of the post or page. It takes a lot less time than pressing a button.Columns Block’s Border


You can now add a border to the entire column block.Photo Spacing in a Gallery


Galleries can now be manually altered to include as much space between thumbnails as you wish.Choose the Separator Block’s opacity


Gradients and opacity management are now available for colour selections within the separator block.

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