What are Top 10+ React Component Libraries for 2023?

March 24, 2023

What are Top 10 plus React Component Libraries for 2023

With its launch in 2013, the React Js java Script library began gaining colossal recognition worldwide. Also, the developers require using React JS for all its applications. One of the leading keys and crucial reasons for the growth of React JS is the array of React Component libraries. Using three easy-to-use libraries, the developers have built an appealing user interface for desktop, web, and hybrid applications.

Hence, in this blog, we will discover a variety of React JS component libraries that performed excellently in various aspects like designing framework, animations, utilities, layout, user interface, and components. Moreover, we have selected the top 10 React component libraries for 2023, and beyond that, it makes it easy to choose the ideal one.

What is React Component Library?

React is a Javascript library used to build the user interface for mobile and web applications. It includes tiny and reusable bits of code called a component. This component will swiftly integrate with other libraries and JavaScript components. However, ReactJs is a popular open–source web technology platform developers use to create web page applications. Due to this, popularity is a large part of React component libraries. These libraries will save time and effort while building modern React applications.

The React libraries have pre–built elements like pagination, buttons, icon sets, time, date picker, input, and menu. The developers can build modern web designs and excellent user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and hybrid apps using react component libraries.

Top 10+ React Component Libraries for 2023

First, let’s start with the 10 best React component libraries developers will widely use in 2023.

React Router


React Router has gained massive popularity due to the declarative programming model. So, whenever you create an application with React, it seems a great idea to have some elements that you will compose declaratively in the app. The React Router has a vast collection of features that enables you to add URLs to bookmark. The best possible way to navigate in React Native is that you get React Router as a solution for resolving multiple tasks.

It is one of the best React libraries to provide effortless options to manage navigation on single app usage. Besides that, the library also gives smooth screen to – screen shifts and server–side rendering with intense sustenance for precise nesting.

React Bootstrap

It is popular among developers because it allows them to play with adaptive web components. However, it is considered one of the best React libraries, has more than 19300 stars and 3100 forks on GitHub, and will replace bootstrap JavaScript with React. Also, it provides developers a various templates and bootstrap themes to pick the best one. These templates feature modern designs and are easy to customize.

The components are created like React components, meaning unnecessary libraries like Jquery are absent. Also, it is one of the oldest libraries, which evolved with time. React Bootstrap is a fantastic choice for an app’s UI base. However, unnecessary libraries tend to limit the efficiency of web applications.

React Bootstrap will give you more access to reuse and integrate UI components and offers a smooth interface handling experience. Along with the Bootstrap style sheet, it brings the joy back of using compatible Bootstrap themes.

Semantic UI React

It is another popular and excellent component library with over 12,200 stars and 3600 forks on GitHub. This component has virtual DOM, and since it is unwise to have a library that manipulates DOM, Semantic UI is free from jQuery. With this, the developers can quickly create responsive and thrilling web designs with coherent and syntactical code.

Semantic UI React is the best react component library available in the market. It has extensive components that are used to build any web application. It gives authority to developers to use their CSS framework so they can use to write their stylesheets for the component.

Ant Design React


Simform’s personal favorite is Ant-design. It is a consolidated framework for development that includes NPM, Webpack, Babel, Dora, and DVA. This component library has a unique and large customer base. It allows you to nest your UI elements, which provides a seamless user experience. This React UI Library is a favorite and allows for easy integration. It also provides ES6 support.

Ant Design React is an excellent React component library with many high-quality prototypes and components for creating rich, engaging user interfaces. It is ranked at 6,200 stars on GitHub and has 27,700 forks. This library allows the internationalization of different design languages. It also uses Less.js for styling components. You can also customize the designs. The library has many features, including buttons, icons, and dropdowns, and it creates mobile apps with mobile-friendly versions.


HPE developed a grommet. It has a brighter look and feels than Ant or material UI. Grommet is a well-known alternative that can provide accessibility, responsiveness, and modularity. It also allows you to theme all the available components in a compact package. Grommet is lightweight and stands out with its bolder component designs. It will enable you to get layouts, colors, controls, input visualization, media, and other unique components. You can also get documentation and support, such as the template.

Material UI React


It is a Google material design that allows developers to build beautiful and intuitive products. It has a selection of simplistic and sleek components that awe developers by offering all elements necessary to create a high–quality digital experience. Among all others, it is one of the best React libraries, which includes material design elements that developers can easily use in their React projects.

It provides typography that standardizes CSS components that ensures browser compatibility. The library has 67800 stars and 21600 forks on GitHub. Material UI offers developers a theme collection they can use on their websites. Additionally, expensive documentation provides guidance whenever developers feel stuck.

Blueprint UI

It is React library that offers a set of standard user interface components. However, it is one of the famous libraries for building React applications. This component is at the top of Semantic UI, which makes it easier to use with other CSS frameworks like bootstrap and Foundation. Blueprint UI provides easy-to-use, responsive, and customizable components in any small or big-scale application. Even you can use it as a standalone component or combine them into a complex structure using a CSS grid.

React 360

This is the future of virtual and augmented reality. Most businesses offer virtual reality experiences, particularly those in the E-Commerce or retail sector. It helps create artificial intelligence in React and virtual reality experiences in React. React 360 is one of the most popular libraries for developing 360 and virtual reality experiences. React allows it to create everything that runs smoothly on desktops, mobiles, and virtual reality devices. This library component serves to simplify the creation of complex virtual reality and a 3D user interface. React 360 is similar to React VR. Using the standard components and tools offers a user an engaging experience.Hire-React-native-Developers-Save-upto-40-percent-of-development-cost

Headless UI

HeadlessUI is an HTML library created to work without a browser. They are, therefore, lighter and more performant than their DOM-dependent counterparts. It is built on top of the popular React framework, which makes it easy for developers to create complex UIs in their applications. Developers can also easily use the library, as it provides all the necessary building blocks.

Headless UI does not only include React components. It also includes tools and techniques to help you build any front-end application.

Shards React

Web developers can create a variety of dashboards, portals, and mobile apps for various industry component libraries. Framework’s simple design makes it stand out among the minimal libraries of React components. The optimized code also ensures that the React library runs smoothly on different platforms. Shards React developers to have the best combination of customization options. The base library contains a large number of components and is entirely free. If you need more components, templates, or blocks, there are always options to purchase the pro kit. This will allow you to access tons of additional features.


React is a JavaScript library that provides many components that can be used to build websites and applications. You don’t have to create every feature or element from scratch. Instead, you can use the React UI component libraries.



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