Video Streaming App Development: 12 Key Features, Architecture and Costs

June 17, 2022

Video Streaming App Development 12 Key Features Architecture Costs

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Societal preferences about entertainment and video content have elevated as technology has advanced.

Launching live video streaming apps to the market shook the industry’s core.

These video streaming service providers give a paid subscription with a variety of options to fulfill the needs of every user. Even though they are charged, these streaming apps are displacing free options.Why Develop a Mobile App for Video Streaming?

Video streaming applications are attracting millions of viewers and opening up new options for businesses by developing their own video streaming apps, thanks to evolving technology and breakthroughs in app development. Each year, video streaming applications continue to be one of the most powerful and effective platforms for product and service advertising, live announcements, online classes, broadcasting, etc.

Video Streaming App Development: 12 Key Features

App design

The success of the application is primarily determined by its design. You may need to hire more experienced designers familiar with the latest design tools to create a great app.

Multiple payment options


Customers can simply subscribe to your streaming services or purchase specific content online if you offer a variety of payment choices. You can even accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, as digital money is currently taken in several nations.

Support for multiple languages

This is a must-have feature for streaming apps that cater to consumers from all over the world. Netflix, for example, provides audio in different languages for titles on its site.


The notifications serve two objectives in a live streaming service. When their favorite performer starts a stream, users are notified. Furthermore, customers are notified if their activity with an app is required, such as a response to a previously posted comment, and so on.
User review

Customer reviews increase customer engagement with your product and serve a dual purpose. They serve two purposes: first, they assist consumers in finding better information, and second, they can be used to improve AI-based suggestions.

Stream hosting


Streamers can utilize their channels to broadcast or host streams for other users to enjoy. Streamers can broadcast live streams for different users on apps like Twitch and Youtube.

Chatting within the app


Including in-app chat will allow your users to communicate with other users on the platform and share their thoughts on various topics.

User’s behavioral tracking

It is challenging to analyze user interests based on their uniqueness. This has been proven to be a crucial feature that tracks users’ interests, daily searches, and watch history to evaluate their attractive segment, which helps to promote only the content that they are interested in and increase user views.

Screening in private

It’s a tool that allows broadcasters to broadcast their video privately to a single user, a group of users, or a specified region. Discord is one software that offers this type of private streaming option.

Algorithm for Recommendation

These platforms filter the material that is being delivered to any user’s screen with the use of user ratings and reviews.

Analytics in Real-Time


This means that the administrator receives continuous measurements in pie graphs, reports, and dashboards on the administrator board. They may learn about the live shows broadcast at random times and the reliability standards. This assists the head in properly planning plans and promoting their material.



The content delivery network, or CDN, is a technology that allows videos to be delivered to consumers in real-time, no matter where they are. Consider it a collection of server clusters with copies of your video files worldwide.

The sole purpose of this technology is to shorten the path of video content to viewers so that they can experience stutter-free video viewing. Again, streaming service providers usually take care of it, but if it isn’t, it’s something you should do.

Signups & Logins on Social Media

Multiple options for app registration should be included in the app. It should not be a time-consuming operation to type in each user’s information. This quick method saves the user time and prevents him from losing patience when signing up.

Video player

The unobtrusive UI is the key element that offers the player an excellent user experience while streaming.Video-Streaming-App-Development-architecture--streaming-apps

The diagram above depicts the entire architecture of a media streaming platform built with AWS services.

What industries require live video streaming apps?

Given the success of Periscope, Livestream, Netflix, and other live video streaming apps, it’s evident that they’ve caused global disruption. The following industries have a high need for live video streaming apps:

Social media

Over the last five years, the social media business has increased. Brands worldwide focus on developing unique and exciting content and exposing it to their target audience in real-time. Live video streaming is now possible.


To hold remote medical conferences, seminars, and other online sessions. Interns can also benefit from live video streaming programs by seeing live surgeries and other operations. Healthcare and medical facilities can also use such apps to make important announcements, policy changes, and even remote patient monitoring in their many branches.


The arrival of the coronavirus has added to the conflagration. Education has always had a strong demand for live streaming apps. Universities, schools, and other educational institutions can hold online conferences, workshops, webinars, quizzes, and exams.

How Much Does a Video Streaming App Cost?

The app development cost with set numbers is difficult since the video streaming app is wrapped with many features and functionalities designed with advanced technologies and works flawlessly on numerous platforms.

The cost of an application is still determined by various factors, including the application’s size, the number of features and capacities coordinated, the plan’s adaptability, the degree of UI/UX complexity, etc.

How Can You Make Money With Netflix-Like Video Streaming Apps?

After investing a significant amount of money and time, how do we generate money with my company app development idea?

There are many ways to monetize your physical business, but your monetization strategy changes when you move it to the digital platform.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this post has clarified all aspects of video web application engineering for you.

Encourage the development of video web-based applications that are available and cross-stage viable to stay ahead of the competition. Because of the increased popularity of unique video content on the web and OTT platforms, these applications have seen an emotional increase in downloads. An organization that wishes to release its own VOD application on the application stores should be familiar with the video web-based industry’s market patterns in the application world.



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