Mobile App Maintenance Cost: Full Post-Launch Product Development Strategy

June 24, 2022

Mobile App Maintenance Cost Full Post Launch Product Development Strategy

Developing an app is an exciting but difficult task. Especially if you’re new to the process and have no idea how much an app for your company would cost. The truth is that no one can provide you with an accurate estimate without first learning about your organization, your business goals, app features, user flows, budget, etc. Going into a development project without a well-thought-out strategy will not help you succeed. This article emphasizes how to manage mobile app development and maintenance costs.

Metrics that highly ascendant the mobile app maintenance cost

The ultimate conventional factors that determine mobile app development price.

Mobile apps and their types: Each mobile app is fundamentally distinct in terms of features and functionalities. It has a direct impact on the cost of app creation. E-commerce, social networking, and tracking and monitoring applications all require distinct capabilities and skillsets for app creation. As a result, the development costs of each of the aforementioned mobile apps will vary.

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Let’s look at the different types of applications and figure out how much they cost on average.

  • Basic app development cost: $10,000 – 15,000
  • On-demand service application development cost: $80,000 – $150,000
  • Data-driven app development cost: $15,000 – $20,000
  • eCommerce app development cost: $60,000 – $300,000
  • Authentication app development cost: $40,000 – $80,000
  • Marketplace app development cost: $150,000 – $300,000

Features and complexity of mobile apps

The cost of developing an app is determined by its features and complexity. Some apps with limited features are considered basic, but those with sophisticated features require a large development expense.

UX/UI complexity and app design


The design of a mobile app is crucial, like the rest of the project. App development necessitates in-depth research and analysis of the niche and target audience. This analysis explains the intricacy of the app design you’ll need to create. The more complicated your program is, the higher the development cost.

Team structure for app development


Costs includes the price of hiring an app development team. A freelancer could be hired, but it would be extremely costly. You can also outsource your project, but this would necessitate many studies and be very expensive.

Hiring a professional app development team or a mobile app development company, on the other hand, would provide a slew of advantages to your company.

The goodwill of development partners

The goodwill of a development partner is partially considered part of mobile development cost.

Number of API integrations with 3rd parties.


Every mobile app contains several 3rd-party APIs. It enables businesses to automate systems, increase data exchange, and combine existing applications. Any updates to these apps will necessitate ongoing API maintenance.

What is the actual number for calculating development cost on a renowned mobile application?

Have you ever wondered how much an app like Uber or Tinder costs to develop?


The key aspects add up the cost of developing and maintenance an Uber app:

  • Geolocation – $2,000
  • Push notifications – $3,500
  • Ride cost estimation – $2,000
  • Split a fare – $5,800
  • UX/UI design for iOS or Android – $6,000
  • Back-end – $6,850
  • Framework & libraries integration for iOS or Android – $6,500
  • Ride scheduling – $5,500
  • Payment – $2,600
  • User registrations & profile – $3,000
  • QA team – $13,000
  • Project manager – $6,500

Total: $63,250 for an iOS or Android Uber-like app.


Tinder is a dating app that includes features such as

  • $3,000 for user registrations and profiles.
  • $3,500 for push notifications
  • $2,000 for geolocation
  • $6,250 for communication
  • $3,000 for the setup
  • $4,500 for matching features
  • Integration with a third party – $1,500
  • QA team – $7,125
  • UI/UX designer – $4,500
  • Project manager – $3,500

Total: $38,875 for aiOS or Android Tinder-like app.

Complete Post-Launch Product Development Strategy

The software operates well with support and updates and does not consume all of the smartphone’s resources to complete its functions.

The goal is to react quickly and update an app to adapt to changing situations while improving its functionality.

Higher app revenue and a higher return on investment


There is a high possibility that every end-user will likely have specific expectations and preferences regarding the apps they download from the app store. While no single app can satisfy all of the world’s users, it can significantly minimize the number of obstacles that prevent people from using it. For example, if the app is slow, crashes frequently, has a glitch, or doesn’t add much to the user’s positive experience, it’s vital to identify and fix these flaws as soon as possible.

Secured app from cyber attacks


Statista identified 24 different types of mobile malware in 2020, with AdWare accounting for 60% of all mobile threats. Apps that support advertising and receive cash in this way, as is well known, overcrowd app marketplaces. Because software adverts can be dangerous, security updates must prevent data theft and leakage by properly safeguarding the platform.

There are various advantages to supporting your app once it has been released. However, remember that app maintenance charges will account for at least 15-20% of the app’s overall development cost.



It is advisable to use a webserver to host an application. You may be familiar with web servers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud because they are among the most popular in the software development market. And, depending on the type of application you’ve created – whether it’s a multimedia-rich app with a lot of features or not – the greater the CPU, RAM, and disc space you use, the higher the hosting fees will be. According to Business of Apps, app server expenses range from $70 to $320, depending on the type of app, industry, and functionality.



To upgrade an app, you must keep track of all recent app platform and hosting platform changes. As a result, developing a complete product — a flawless program that does not require any upgrades – is not a good idea.


The cost of developing an app, as well as the cost of maintaining it, will be influenced by design and technological integrations that require licensing fees. According to Business of Apps, some fees are based on the number of devices utilized and the annual price that should be paid and can range from slightly less than $120,000 to significantly more than $120,000 each year for about 50 devices.

Our approach to estimating costs is as follows:

Choosing the appropriate technique to choose a provider in estimating app development costs is critical. Indapoint Software is a long-standing software development firm. Our extensive knowledge and broad portfolio will aid in forming a working relationship and the delivery of an appropriate product. You can either entirely outsource your project to our team, in which case we will handle everything, or you can employ a dedicated development team, in which case you will engage our top specialists, such as developers, QA experts, project managers, and so on, on a project-by-project basis.



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