Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

March 1, 2022

Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

In the technological world, react native app development is one of the most popular options. For a better income funnel, many people use the React Native framework to construct a business app. However, many people overlook several very common errors that arise during the development process. This eventually leads to a significant loss of revenue. If you wish to avoid this, make sure to eliminate all errors throughout development.

Learning more about the most common and severe mistakes will help you become a better developer. Continue reading to find out more!

React Native is becoming more popular.

React Native is becoming increasingly popular. Because demand isn’t going away, React Native development companies will need to learn a new method to approach the development process. React Native app developers did not disregard JavaScript. It’s critical to recognise and avoid several common pitfalls that can derail your React Native app development.

What Makes React Native So Popular Among Developers?

React Native is a JavaScript-based framework.

JavaScript is where most programmers start their careers. As a result, the subject matter and those flicks share a lot of similarities. Because of its extensive dependence on React Native, the learning curve for JavaScript is significantly reduced.

Productivity improvement.

Developers must become more productive to create apps faster. While JavaScript is already dependable, the live reload capability and the option of using an IDE or a text editor make the process go more smoothly.

The community is supportive.

Since its debut in 2015, React Native technology has grown in popularity. Due to the numerous benefits it provides, many developers and businesses from all over the world and across various industries have chosen to use React Native. In response to this great demand, a big and expanding community has been working nonstop to fix React Native’s shortcomings and benefits regularly.

Create native applications.

Even though React Native components are written in JavaScript, the developers do not use web views to render them. There is only one reason to utilise React Native: it renders true native elements, allowing developers to create components for specific platforms, such as activity indicators, that give platforms an identifiable, native-like* feel.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building React Native Apps

Inadequate picture optimization


Even though image optimization is an important stage in app development, it is frequently overlooked by developers. However, optimising images is required to reduce image load times. It allows the server to resize photos locally before automatically uploading them to cloud storage such as Amazon S3. Following that, the developers receive a CDN link, which they can return using the API. This actual system lightens the programme and improves its performance.

Inappropriate Store reorganisation


In React Native, Redux is very useful for managing apps, accurately handling and storing gathered data, debugging app states, and so forth. However, to take advantage of Redux to its best potential, it must be well-planned, especially in small projects. This is because Redux necessitates the usage of extensive codes for even the tiniest of changes. As a result, it is not well suited to small-scale applications, but it is an excellent solution for larger apps and projects.

Console log statements are present


Developers may easily find flaws using console log statements when debugging. These ensure that the apps run smoothly during their execution stages. These also aid in identifying the causes of app performance issues. However, if the developers fail to remove the log statements after the debugging process is complete, it may result in errors. If the logic and render methods are maintained within the apps, they can cause JavaScript thread congestion, slowing down the app’s speed.

Use of stateless components


A stateless component does not extend any classes. These always provide the same result and only print what is passed to them via props. They’re also referred to as “dumb” components. Stateless components, on the other hand, can be implemented faster, with less boilerplate code to write and easier testing. Pure components should be used instead of stateless components during the app development process. This is because, for stateless components, the rendering occurs after the parent component has been re-rendered. Re-rendering, on the other hand, occurs when a change in the states or props is detected for pure components.

External module codes are not validated.


External modules are frequently used by React Native app developers since they speed up and simplify development, saving time. However, these modules may not function as intended or may even malfunction. As a result, before employing external modules, developers must examine and verify their codes.

Not taking unit testing into account


Not writing a unit test is one of the most common mistakes developers make while developing React Native apps. Regardless of whether unit tests are performed or not, the apps will continue to function; nonetheless, such apps may not deliver a pleasant user experience and maybe less competent in the market. Unit testing allows for the evaluation of various sections and features of apps to ensure that they function as planned. It also aids in the early detection of issues and ensures that the app parts execute independently.Hire-React-native-Developer-save-upto-40percent-of-development-cost

Final Thoughts

React Native app development provides all you need to be the top framework out of all the others on the market. However, to achieve beneficial outcomes, you must eliminate unhealthy behaviours and prevent typical blunders to be the greatest in the industry. Hire a reputable react native app development firm to assist you throughout the app development process. React Native app developers with years of experience provide you with the best services for your long-term success.

It passes all of the requirements and hurdles to become the first choice for practically any developer or development firm when it comes to creating mobile applications. However, for the time being, we’ve focused on the common mistakes made by React developers when using React Native. You must contact us if you have a project in mind or want to employ a React Native App Development company. For your React Native project, we’ll supply you with high-quality, low-cost solutions. Please visit our website for further information.We-Provide-100-percent-Customized-Web-Mobile-Apps-To-Grow-Your-Business


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