Laravel Vs Symfony: Which PHP Framework to Choose in 2022?

October 4, 2021

laravel vs symfony which php framework to choose in 2022

PHP frameworks are the most commonly used options when it comes to web development. Even though there are other PHP frameworks available, Symfony and Laravel are the most popular. They are popular for a variety of reasons, including excellent coding that allows developers to build amazing programs.

Develop a web application to deliver your brand’s identity to your target clients’ desktops. In that situation, depending on your business goals, you should choose Laravel or Symfony. Both PHP frameworks offer their own set of benefits and features that you may use on your web apps.

Laravel and Symfony are two frameworks that many developers and programmers choose while building modern and updated full-stack web applications. They are equipped with a remarkable solution that allows developers to work faster and focus more on business goals.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with this, check out all the differences between Laravel vs. Symfony: Whichever PHP Framework Is Better? When you’re stuck to choose between the two, however, it’s difficult to identify which is preferable.

Why did you select Symfony as your PHP framework?

Symfony has several excellent features that will assist you in making the best choice for web application development.

  • Symfony leverages reusable and separated PHP libraries to create a strong foundation for web development.
  • It also offers an MVC design to keep live projects organized.
  • The robust and comprehensive documentation makes learning Symfony a great pleasure.
  • It is simple to track the performance of any application using the Symfony profiler when suitable mapping is used.
  • It’s a web application framework for enterprise-level applications that uses cutting-edge technologies.

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Why did you select Laravel as your PHP framework?

Hire a Laravel development company in India to develop a comprehensive understanding of the PHP frameworks laravel and to create more effective online solutions for your company’s growth. Examine the benefits of the PHP frameworks laravel and how to use them to build quick web applications:

  • Laravel facilitates web development by integrating backend tools.
  • It easily splits business logic code from display code to create appropriate web pages. It improves the speed reaction time when it comes to bug fixes.
  • It uses a PHP unit to automate code testing for web applications.
  • Laravel makes web development more efficient with a broad collection of online tools and libraries.
  • It provides high-quality online training as well as detailed documentation to ensure its security and usefulness.

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Difference Between Laravel Vs Symfony: Which PHP Framework to Choose in 2022?

Laravel, a PHP-based MVC framework aims to streamline fundamental chores used in most web-based programs, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching, to speed up development and eliminate complications. Laravel’s goal is to make the software development process delightful for developers while maintaining the application’s functionality. Laravel will be a lot easier for you if you are familiar with Core PHP and Advanced PHP.

Symfony is a compilation of modular PHP modules, PHP Web Application frameworks, a methodology, and communities that collaborate to create web projects and PHP Symfony. It is not a comprehensive MVC framework like Laravel.

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Laravel vs Symfony – Networking

The PHP framework Symfony networking system allows you to describe networking in annotation format, YAML, XML, or PHP, whereas Laravel’s networking system is based on plain PHP. Another significant distinction between Laravel and Symfony is that each project has its own set of advanced features that cover the majority of scenarios.Laravel vs Symfony – Performance and Scalability

Symfony caches views and source code by default, but is laravel good comes with a set of standardized APIs for caching views. This is why Symfony’s website takes a longer duration to load.

Laravel-based websites take roughly 60 milliseconds to load, while Symfony frameworks take 250 milliseconds.

Symfony Components is the foundation of the PHP frameworks laravel. Laravel also enables you to program in PHP with less coding and better performance. If you’re looking for dynamic websites for business, you should contact Laravel development company in India, as the Symfony frameworks are best suited for projects that require quick response and minimal resources.

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In the beginning phase of the project, Symfony will require more time, coding effort, and financial resources. Configuring the framework’s parts is also time-consuming. Symfony, on the other hand, is suitable for a complex web project because its customized functionality fits your business requirements. We recommend using Symfony development services if you have a complicated web application project.Laravel vs Symfony – Database Support System

Object Related Mapping (ORM) is used for data access in both Symfony and Laravel. Symfony ORM uses Doctrine for data processing, whereas Laravel ORM uses Eloquent. The transfer of Symfony databases is automatic, but developers must identify particular fields within the code. There’s no need to declare fields while migrating a database using Laravel.

Both Laravel and Symfony make processing and modifying data easier using ORM-supported databases.Symfony vs Laravel – Documentation, Learning Curve and Accessibility

The Laravel documentation, Codebright, Laracasts discussion forum, Treehouse, and Sitepoint all include valuable tutorials and resources for Laravel. Unlike Symfony, the Laravel Github documentation is broad and provides excellent information. More information about bundles, service containers, components, and other features may be found in the Symfony documentation.

Symfony is also backed by a huge community of over 600,000 developers and collaborators from over 120 countries that assist in the resolution of issues, bug fixes, and technical errors. This PHP framework was quite well done by web developers. Symfony offers comprehensive documentation even though the resources are not as extensive as those for Laravel.Symfony vs Laravel – Globalization and Translations

Globalization and translations are supported by both Laravel and Symfony. Localization tools are available in Laravel, but Symfony provides a translator configuration option.

The major distinction between Symfony and Laravel is that Laravel stores localization data in PHP and JSON files, whereas Symfony supports a range of translation formats such as PHP, Qt,.po, mo, JSON, CSV, INI, and others. It also works with more standard formats like XLIFF and gettext.Symfony vs Laravel – Data Modeling

Using Laravel to access data demands a deeper understanding of SQL. Eloquent tends to bind your application to the design of your database schema. If you alter the name of a column, your entire codebase may be affected. Whereas Symfony, which is based on Doctrine, employs the mapper pattern, which allows you to distinguish between your database schema and your business objects and logic. As a result, Symfony is superior in this situation.Symfony vs Laravel – Highly Functional

Symfony provides convenience and comfort. It promotes web application developers to concentrate on main functional features rather than minor ones. It also assists developers in designing error-free and fluid applications.Symfony vs Laravel – Easy Maintenance

The Symfony development framework improves the structure and functionality of websites applications. When challenges with the website emerge, the upgraded functionalities are easier to maintain. It’s also simple to add a new developer because the website’s maintenance is eased using this PHP Symfony framework. Developers can improve their efficiency while delivering error-free and smooth applications.

Both frameworks enable excellent and successful Symfony Web development, as the reasons above indicate, Symfony beats Laravel in some areas.

Advantages and Disadvantages – Symfony vs Laravel

When it comes to web development, PHP frameworks are the most popular choice of developers. There are other PHP frameworks available but Laravel and Symfony are the most popular among web developers. Deciding between these two frameworks for your project might be difficult since each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before deciding between Laravel and Symfony.

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Here’s a guide that contains many different Laravel with Symfony’s advantages and disadvantages.Advantages of Laravel 

  • Laravel’s API provides for app integration and email services.
  • It comes with a wide ecosystem of extra utilities.
  • With the latest version of PHP features, the framework is indeed up to date.
  • It works with a variety of third-party systems and libraries.

Disadvantages of  Laravel

  • Some Laravel-based web applications may be too huge to load efficiently on a mobile device.
  • Although newer versions of Laravel are incompatible with older versions, changing the code may damage it.

Advantages of Symfony 

  • Symfony is a PHP framework that is used by popular platforms such as Drupal, Magento, and eZ Publish.
  • A huge amount of professionals use Symfony. It also has the most active user base on the market.
  • Symfony is updated regularly to keep up with the needs of web developers.

Disadvantages of Symfony

  • Symfony takes longer to develop due to the lack of prebuilt code for many purposes.
  • It could be more difficult to understand than any other PHP framework in the beginning.
  • Because of this, some web applications may take longer to load. The origin elements in symphony are missing.


According to the above comparison list, it is evident that both Laravel and Symfony provide a robust feature set. Both frameworks are suitable for a variety of web development tasks.

If you want speedy development, effectiveness, and agility, contact a competent Laravel development company in India. Choose a leading Software Development Company if you want to create complicated and large-scale web apps.

outsource software development servicesChoose a framework that is appropriate for your web project. Simply ensure that the framework you select is appropriate for your web applications.

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