How the website users know how to scroll and they expect to scroll

May 29, 2017

How the website users know how to scroll and they expect to scroll web mobile cloud

How the website users know how to scroll and they expect to scroll

No matter what website you are designing, be sure that the users are going to scroll. Scrolling is good since it gives your viewers a complete idea of what you want to convey. It is seen that, if you have lengthy content, then it’s better to put the content on one page than to provide links to other pages. People are always more comfortable scrolling than opening another page to read your content. These days the Web Development had brought out the concept of the fold, to attract readers. 

Why is it so important?

Your website content is the only thing that can impress your viewers to buy your services or to like your work. An efficient Content Management System can give you a huge number of customers or followers. As the length of the page increases, the number of words also increases and this provides better SEO ranking. For this reason, there is a very popular concept known as the fold.

What is the importance of the fold?

There are multiple websites where the Web Design has folded content. The fold is dividing the screen into two parts. The portion above the fold is the area where the user can see anything without scrolling. The fold can appear different for different users. This concept is vanishing because there are too many devices where it is very hard to consider fold lines. But a concept of the fold can be attractive to get a first impression about your site. Make sure that your page is ended by a link so that the user knows where to go next.

How to encourage the users to scroll your website?

People have an inherent quality to scroll. So the Website Design must be such that so that users will feel excited to scroll down. The following are the common ways, by which you can encourage the users to scroll your content.

  • A horizontal line or bar just near the fold is considered many times, as the end of the page. So, try to avoid, these bars of lines in your content. This concept is known as a false
  • The use of background on top and sides of the pages, with contrasting colors, is very popular among viewers. It also gives an idea of the continuity of the main page.
  • Website Design Services also allows you to add; please scroll quotes just above the fold line.

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