How ATS Speeds Up the Hiring Process for Gen Z

November 15, 2022

How ATS Speeds Up the Hiring Process for Gen Z

ATS deal with all recruiting prerequisites by going about as an information bank. This involves identifying open positions, creating job descriptions, finding a reliable source for candidate referrals, vetting and shortlisting potential hires, setting up interviews, checking references, creating offer letters, and finishing the hiring process. According to LinkedIn data, only 30% of businesses can fill a vacancy within 30 days. A successful applicant tracking system (ATS), in the opinion of 86% of recruitment professionals, speeds up the hiring process.

ATS-enabled hiring efficiency

Data analytics, compliance support, integration and sourcing of staff from social networking sites, referrals tracking, interviews scheduling, and rolling out offers are all made more accessible by an ATS. Your hiring costs may or may not decrease, but the process will go faster with an ATS. It offers a venue for luring inactive candidates.

Due to the skills shortage in the labor market today, businesses are looking everywhere for qualified personnel to assist them in achieving their corporate goals. With the gig economy’s development, admittance to ability is becoming progressively significant. At first, the ability was the thing; however, the devices used to get them are wares. ATS is currently the most cutting-edge solution available to assist you in finding competitive candidates.

The candidates are in a situation to go with choices given the absence of ability. Although the employment process typically takes between 30 and 90 days, candidates are frequently impatient. Before you make your offer public, if they receive a solid counteroffer from another company, they will gladly accept that. ATSs are being marketed as a commodity using this tactic and are increasingly employed as tools for streamlining processes and advancing technology.

Gen Z workers will make up 30% of the workforce, making it a candidate’s market with severe competition for talent. Does your business’ recruiting technology satisfy the needs of this new generation and provide the most excellent candidate experience?Are-you-looking-for-White-label-Applicaant-tracking-system-for-your-business

Gen Z: Fast & Furious Generation

Fast and Furious Generation, or Gen Z

Young professionals and recent graduates known as Gen Z, are tipped to take on leadership roles in the industries that will usher in the age of carbon neutrality. They were raised in the digital age and were exposed to newer computers and electronic devices as well as media like Netflix and YouTube.

Gen Zs have grown up with fast-paced media and high-speed internet, so they are not drawn to antiquated hiring practices. 54% avoid applying to organizations that still handle applications with paper documents. Gen Zs, on the other hand, do not anticipate a protracted hiring procedure.

The ideal employer for Gen Zs is open and honest, cares about their physical and mental health, prioritizes protecting the environment, encourages diversity, fosters an inclusive workplace, and, most importantly, keeps up with technological advancements.

Difficulties with the hiring process

It can be challenging to pace yourself to meet Gen Z candidates’ expectations in the era of remote work. If you proceed through the hiring process without using tools and hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong, you risk encountering difficulties when they arrive at your front door.

Here are several major obstacles that can hinder your hiring process and discourage Gen Zs from building relationships with you.

Countless Applications


The present work market is more aggressive than any other recent memory. Some of the recruiters’ most important tasks are finding potential prospects, creating a shortlist of competent individuals, and filling open positions with the right personnel before their rivals.

The volume of CVs that recruiters receive each day makes it impossible to find competent applicants as quickly as they want. They have no choice but to take a big breath, plunge into the sea of applicants, and cross their fingers that the appropriate candidates will be identified on the first try.

There is a good probability that you won’t be able to move your hiring process along and locate the ideal employees on schedule without the aid of an effective tool that enables you to manage applicants and appropriately source candidates.

Of course, being cautious and wise from the start might help you sort out the unqualified candidates by creating a clear and precise job description. However, since speed is now the word of the game, it won’t give you enough of a boost to outrun your rivals and find the appropriate talent within the timeline you had in mind.

Which Candidates Have the Required Skills?

Working on many projects at once can prevent you from making a wise and accurate choice of the best applicant, especially if you are working separately from your team members.

The hiring process requires a thorough assessment of individuals’ skill sets, experiences, and knowledge. More is required to ascertain whether a candidate is an ideal fit for particular tasks than what is listed on their CVs. There are numerous more elements, traits, and attributes outside the paper.

Recruiters may not be able to develop a deeper connection with prospects when doing the hiring process remotely, which impacts how well their choices pan out.

As a result, you can choose the incorrect individual for the job. They will eventually begin hunting for positions that are better suited for them and quit their mismatched roles. Keep in mind that Gen Z applicants are fresh to the workforce and have specific demands of the organizations they work for.

Your consumers will suffer because of this predicament since they will have to spend more money, time, and effort recruiting new employees.

ATS Can Speed Things Up

Rapid & Effective Candidate Screening

Recruiters can speed up the hiring process by using an applicant tracking system to expedite the applicant screening process. Using their CVs, ATS may automatically screen and eliminate unqualified prospects.

Its simple-to-read dashboard, ATSs, enables users to easily manage their applicants and maintain tabs on each candidate’s development. You can streamline the hiring process by narrowing the pool of qualified candidates in a matter of clicks.

Our software meticulously reads job descriptions to identify the essential qualifications and abilities needed for open vacancies. Then, it compares the outcomes with the talent pool of users to find applicants whose skill sets are best compatible with the vacancies.

Choose the Best Talent for the Best Job


Making an effective choice about the proper skills for the roles requires a thorough understanding of candidates and their facets. By giving you access to information beyond candidates’ CVs, an applicant tracking system is a tool that can assist you in choosing more wisely and quickly.

Your bridge to a closer connection with prospects is the applicant tracking system (ATS). Its social media enrichment tool searches the web for candidates’ online profiles from more than 20 popular social media sites. It then imports that data into your candidate database to provide more information about them, such as their goals and other capabilities.

Final Thoughts

The work process is moving more quickly and can be controlled in a shorter time, thanks to the hybrid work and remote work models. Remote work has established itself as a standard approach after the epidemic and has proven to be a compelling work mode.

This tendency has an impact on numerous industries, including the recruitment sector. For remote work to be practical, digital tools and technology are crucial, especially regarding hiring, because speed becomes the deciding factor.

Gen Zs are a gathering of youngsters generally familiar with quickly changing innovation and computerized instruments on the competitor’s side. In the digital age, where building relationships is done through screens, Gen Zs are a group of prospects that recruiters should pay additional attention to. They are predicted to be the workforce of the future.

Candidates from Generation Z anticipate that the recruiting process will begin and conclude as quickly as they learn and adopt new trends. Today, keeping up with Gen Z’s pace while overcoming difficulties associated with remote employment is challenging. To overcome the challenge and ensure a solid relationship is built with these young people, recruiters must hunt for an effective technique.

The best option for assisting recruiters through their hiring process fast and efficiently is an applicant tracking system. An applicant tracking system (ATS) was created to streamline the hiring procedure while allowing recruiters to fully concentrate on developing strong bonds with prospects, particularly Gen Zs.

You can be sure that your employing cycle will be overseen easily, rapidly, and unquestionably sufficient with highlights like competitor obtaining that weeds out unfit candidates and assists you with distinguishing the most reasonable gifts instantly, joined with group cooperation that empowers all partners to convey continuously day in and day out from anyplace, and the social enhancement that overcomes any barrier with applicants by empowering you to get to know them past their CVs.We-Provide-100-percent-Customized-Web-and-Mobile-Apps-To-Grow-Your-Business


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