Fueled by a flood of data traffic from mobile communications

May 19, 2017

Fueled by a flood of data traffic from mobile communications web mobile cloud

Mobile apps development has increased data usage to a great extent. Today mobile phones are not only used for calling purposes. The word mobile connectivity has gained a new definition.

Mobile application development software- Renaissance in business strategy

Mobile technology has gone more than just a source of connectivity to your friends and families. Android mobile application development has revolutionized the whole business strategy.

  • Through a mobile application, you can directly reach your customers
  • Not only customers but the mobile application is also a good platform to get hold of the new business clients.
  • With the mobile application, you can showcase your business house to everyone; thus it is a good way of advertisement.

How streaming videos benefit your business-house

Android application development has paved ways to expand your business ideas. Not only introduction of different apps has made it easy for consumers to reach their desired commercial zone, but sharing of videos has a great contribution to business development.

Streaming videos are a very good way of advertising your new or existing products. For example, if you share videos on social media sites like Facebook, youtube, or other sites it will prove to be a very easy and good way to connect to your targeted consumer.

The average number of customers using mobile apps

A study shows that in the US about 51% of people prefer to use mobile data. Only 42% of the people still use their PC. About 60 percent of people use mobile data for video sharing. Sharing of videos is not only limited to youths but people aged between 45 years to 54 years spent at least 15 minutes on average per day sharing videos. Thus reaching consumers of all ages have become easier with mobile application development.

New ways to reach customers with mobile apps

There are several ways to reach customers through a mobile app. Here are a few examples that can help you to draw traffic to your sites.

  • You can include a locator in your app. This provision can draw customers even from distant places. It will increase your customer strengths
  • Including payment mode on your site. If you are dealing with customers’ products it is better to include payment mode in your site from where consumers can order their requirements.

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