Everything You Need To Know About Venue Booking Software

December 2, 2021

Everything you need to know about venue booking software

Indapoint makes it easier to work by simplifying the venue booking with the support of meticulous software.

Any event venue can use venue booking software to sell or rent their premises to third parties. In-house event planners and venue administrators utilise venue booking management software to stay organised and ensure that no rooms or resources are overbooked. External event planners may be easily communicated with one another using venue management software, ensuring that all events run smoothly and transparently. The software can also assist sales teams and marketers in attracting event planners and marketing their events once they have been booked, as well as providing ROI tracking, billing and invoicing, budgeting and spending tracking, and venue management features.

These business tools integrate to create a unified system for dealing with clients and conducting operations for your daily business record. You may streamline your email communications by using a unified inbox that works with your existing email addresses. Lead tracking and event CRM solutions are used to track your pipeline, while webforms are utilised to collect leads and online bookings. Customers will be impressed with branded and professional proposals, contracts, and bills. Orders for catering and food-and-beverage packages should be followed according to the venue.

Electronic signatures and payments are collected through client portals. Connect everything together with one another customizable automation and workflows to save time.

Highlights of Venue Booking Management Software

  • Keep track of your events and individuals in real-time with ease. Never again will you have to worry about handling documents, emails, calendars, and solitary apps. Our venue booking software provides a single, organised solution for you and your team to access information quickly and communicate.
  • Provide time and effort-saving procedures. Our Web-based solutions integrate with one another, allowing you to design workflows that improve the efficiency of venues like yours. In fact, with tools like templates and dashboards, we save our venue customers 62+ hours of busywork per month.
  • Simplify the way you handle venue bookings and clients. Always be aware of your venue reservations and event space availability. Clients should receive high-touch service. Make a positive impression on potential customers. All of this and more is possible with our user-friendly venue management software.

Venue Booking Software Created For All Types of Venue Bookings

Here’s are some of the examples which are listed below:

Office Scheduling

The most effective approach to organising your office space

The burden of manually managing space scheduling in the modern office is eliminated with Indapoint. For shared office space, desks, meeting rooms, and hybrid workplace scenarios, this is the ideal option.

The power and adaptability your work environment needs

Indapoint to unite all that is needed to deal with the booking of shared office space – including intelligent guides. Effectively adjust to the new half breed office climate.

Focus on what is important

Unravel your association from the migraines that accompany dealing with your office space. Experience our honour winning booking arrangement today.

Upgraded at each corner to be the new most loved result of your kin. Dynamic and open from any place. Shrewd, straightforward and simple to utilize.

Desk Booking

The most efficient way to manage desk bookings

Indapoint is the method that enables your workplace to be more flexible. Allow your users to book shared desk space and hot desks via self-service, while also managing office hoteling, seat distribution, and hot-desking scenarios.

The strength and adaptability your company need

Indapoint to combine all of the tools needed to manage shared workspace scheduling, including interactive floorplans and maps. Use Indapoint’s time-saving scheduling capabilities to save everyone time.
Concentrate on the important things, not the details of your workstation.

Get rid of the problems that come with managing your desks for your company. Take a look at our award-winning scheduling software right now.

A platform for your community

Optimized in every way to become your people’s new favourite product. Mobile-friendly and available from any location. Smart, straightforward, and simple to use.

Meeting Rooms

The most efficient method to organise your meeting rooms

Manually handling the booking and scheduling of your meeting rooms, conference rooms, and collaborative office spaces is no longer necessary with Indapoint. The work is done for you by intelligent automation.

The strength and adaptability your company need

Indapoint to combine all of the tools needed to schedule meeting rooms, conference rooms, workspaces, workplace amenities, and presentation locations. Your automatic meeting room manager is Indapoint’s intelligent scheduling.

A platform for your community

Optimized in every way to become your people’s new favourite product. Mobile-friendly and available from any location. Smart, straightforward, and simple to use.

Sports Venues

The most efficient method of managing sports venues and facilities

By allowing your users to self-book courts, fields, pitches, and other playing surfaces, Indapoint relieves you of your booking management burden. Allow intelligent automation to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Customizable. It’s simple to set up.

Indapoint automates your unique scheduling conditions with ease. Automation, self-service bookings, and intelligent reasoning are all examples of smart automation.

Your facility needs power and flexibility.

Indapoint integrates everything needed to schedule any sports court, pitch, outdoor field, multi-purpose indoor court, cage, or swimming lane. Your administrative burden is reduced thanks to smart scheduling automation.

Professional Studios

The most effective methodology to run your studios

By allowing your consumers to self-book and pay for the usage of your recording studios, dancing studios, and other artistic facilities, Indapoint saves you time.

The strength and adaptability your studio demands

For recording studios, band and instrument rehearsal facilities, yoga studios, dance studios, music academies, and community art centres, Indapoint integrates everything needed to enable self-service scheduling! Take use of Indapoint’s innovative self-service capabilities to reduce administrative costs.

A platform for your community

Optimized in every way to become your artists’ and creative professionals’ new favourite product. Mobile-friendly and available from any location. Smart, straightforward, and simple to use.

Coworking Space

The most efficient way to run your coworking space

Indapoint looks after your community members by allowing them to self-book their workspace in your coworking space, office, or creative hub, saving you time and money.

Your coworking space’s strength and flexibility

Indapoint integrates all of the pieces required for members to self-schedule hot desks, conference rooms, phone booths, rentable office pods, and shared equipment, including membership and subscription management! Take use of Indapoint’s limitless customization options to reduce administrative costs.

Consulting Rooms

The most efficient approach to running your consulting rooms

Indapoint enables your practitioners and clients to reserve rooms in your therapy practise, holistic centre, or clinic using a self-service system that is compliant with your standards. The work is done for you by intelligent automation.

The strength and adaptability your centre need

Indapoint to integrate everything you need to book consulting and treatment rooms, with a strong emphasis on privacy and security. Utilize Indapoint’s ingenious self-service capabilities to confidently reduce your administrative costs.

Academic Lab

Here’s the most efficient approach to run your academic laboratories

Your scientists, technicians, and students can self-serve book the use of your expensive equipment with Indapoint. The administrative burden is reduced thanks to smart platform automation.

Your organization’s power and flexibility

Time spent in the lab is quite valuable. With intelligent features like quotas, buffer intervals, and assured conflict prevention, Indapoint prevents costly inefficiencies and errors. Ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the scheduling of your lab resources is a last-minute consideration.

Community Facilities

Here’s the most efficient approach to running your community centre

Indapoint is a user-friendly platform that allows your community members to self-serve. book your centre’s halls, function rooms, and other communal spaces, all under reservation policy.

Your community’s demand for electricity and flexibility

By automating your booking policies and providing your community members with a smooth self-service way to reserve the use of your spaces, Indapoint drastically decreases your admin workload. Our helpful support team is standing by to assist you with your setup.

List of Consumer Benefits

Easily manage your event and appointment bookings, as well as your availability.

All of your scheduled events are at your fingertips with our drag-and-drop bookings calendar. For single venues or multi-location operations, instantly add new venue bookings and track event space availability (including timeline views). Receive time conflict notifications so you never, ever double book. Sync with Google and Outlook, as well as other popular e-calendars. Set aside dates and locations for prospects on a temporary basis. Schedule meetings, phone calls, walkthroughs, and site visits. Giving clients scheduling links and forms to make appointments with you on the fly is coming soon.

Keep track of every element and keep everyone informed.

Our productivity solutions keep you and your team on task and schedule, whether you have a staff of one or 101. Assign responsibilities and make appointments. Create timelines and manage files. Send and receive messages and notes. Send out forms to clients to obtain feedback. With at-a-glance dashboards and comprehensive reports, you can see the full picture. Within a single account, you can track one or more venues. Inquire about our event management solutions for tracking budgets, event webpages, attendees, ticket sales, and event registrations / RSVPs if you provide event planning services or organise your own events.

Develop effective venue floor layouts to help you communicate your vision.

Showing customers what they may expect is an excellent approach to promote your event facilities. No design or CAD background is required to use our event floorplan maker to create to-scale layouts, room diagrams, and seating charts. Create reusable room and setup templates, including room boundaries and fixtures. With auto-generated grids, you can create table and chair sets in minutes. Choose from a large number of pieces, personalise them, and save your favourites. Also, you may share your designs via full-color PDF downloads or unique weblinks.

Customizations save time and help you create your brand.

There are numerous methods to fine-tune your account to provide your company a competitive advantage. Brand your account, client-facing documents, and emails with your logo and colours to stand out among your event industry colleagues. Connect your existing email accounts to our communications tool to send and receive emails. Create time-saving templates for proposals, contracts, invoices, floorplans, and communications, among other documents. Connect to Evernote, Google Drive, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Trello, Xero, and dozens more other apps.

How do you decide which venue booking software is best for you?

Running an event venue or facility is a source of joy, since most venue owners and managers have a strong desire to see events succeed while also facing several hurdles in running their business and overseeing all venue operations.This incorporates finding and serving customers, recruiting and regulating workers, planning with sellers, overseeing inventories and taking care of the many subtleties associated with each occasion.

Thankfully, cloud-based venue booking systems are assisting event facilities of all types – from desk booking, conference centres, consultation rooms, academic las, sports venues and professional studio to unique venues. Furthermore, these platforms assist entrepreneurs who are launching a new event space in getting up and running quickly and reducing the time to profitability.

Venue management software is a narrower and more specialised segment of the overall booking management solution market, with a number of tools that refers to a variety range of professionals working at event venues and caterers, including venue managers, store managers, meals managers, and event planners, as well as head chefs, restaurant staff, wait staff, and hosts.


Our online venue booking software allows you to handle all of your events, sales, billings, floor plans, communications, and client information in one place.

The most important feature most venues seek in a venue management platform is an event booking software system that allows them to manage all of their event scheduling, including making reservations, tracking booked events, and viewing current availability – all in real-time in a centralised booking calendar – for every event space in the facility. Ballrooms, corporate conference rooms, event halls, breakout rooms, boardrooms, exposition halls, and similar spaces fall into this category.

Most venue booking systems allow customers to search by date, week, or month, and drill down to a specific date to see if the time and space are available. These room and space management technologies also notify users if a specific time or location has already been reserved, preventing multiple bookings.


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