Different mobile apps development platforms and its relevance

July 1, 2017

Different mobile apps development platforms and its relevance web mobile cloud

What is mobile apps development?

Mobile apps development is known to be a well-known term that is used to denote the process that helps to develop the application software for the mobile device.  The application developers are likely to consider the different hardware configurations, specifications, and screen sizes for there are tight competition in this field.

The necessity of a good mobile app development company

You are required to go for a good mobile app development company to develop a quality app. If you do this, then you are supposed to save your valuable money and time. There are many quality and well-known mobile application development companies available out there. There are some advantages of going with a good professional company, such as,

  • Professional and experienced developers are there.
  • The developers will incorporate the essential and required features.
  • They realize the purpose of the development and thus have the perfect solution.
  • Provide you with the standard development

Different app development platforms

To create a mobile app, the developers need some app development platforms. Platform organizations are required to deploy, develop, and thus manage mobile applications made from different tools and components that generally allow the developers to create, test as well as deploy apps into the platform destination environment.

All the mobile apps are made on some kinds of platforms. There are many mobile application development platforms available. Some of the well-known mobile app platforms are

  • PhoneGap
  • Whoop
  • Appcelerator
  • Kony
  • TheAppBuilder

Each mobile application development software has its advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the above-described platforms, there are some other platforms, such as Appery.io, Mobile Roadie, Good Barber, Appy Pie, App Machine, Game Salad, BiznessApps, AppMakr, ShoutEm, etc.

Apart from all these, the mobile application development tools are also divided into two basic types, front-end development tools, and back-end development tools. The front-end tools are focused on the user interface as well as user experience. It is there to provide some abilities, such as,

  • SDKs to access the device features
  • UI design tools
  • The cross-platform support/accommodations

On the other hand, the back-end development tools normally pick up right where front-end development tools leave off. They are likely to provide some services which are managed as well as controlled and thus provide some abilities, such as,

  • User authorization-authentication
  • Integration with the back-end systems
  • The reusable business logic
  • Data services

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