Cost of Developing a Food Delivery App like DoorDash (Things You Need to Know)

February 10, 2023

Cost of Developing a Food Delivery App like DoorDash
Applications that allow for online food delivery have ushered in a new era of progress and transformation in this industry. The demand for food delivery applications is on the rise these days, and it is anticipated that the business as a whole will earn $200 billion by the year 2025.
The introduction of a food delivery service, such as the DoorDash app, which allows users to connect with a variety of restaurants in a single click has become the preferred option for a lot of people. Because of this, the demand for such applications is increasing at an alarming rate. The reason for this is that these apps operate well in the hectic schedules of customers and provide them with the freedom and ease to choose anything they would like to eat. According to the findings of the experts, the total value of food delivery apps would rise to $300 billion worldwide by 2027.

How to Develop an App for Food Delivery While Staying Within Your Financial Limits

1. Develop An MVP

The term “Minimum Viable Product” (often shortened as “MVP”) refers to a main product that contains only the most fundamental features and functions. It does reflect the app’s primary functionality, despite the fact that it just provides the most fundamental operations. An MVP is a version of the programme that is smaller than the one that was initially envisioned, and as a result, the creation of an MVP requires a smaller budget. Both logically and financially.
You can launch the minimum viable product for your food delivery service and start making money from it as a startup. When cash flows start to become more consistent, you should think about updating and scaling.


2. Opt for Application Development Compatible with Multiple Platforms

While we have covered how various operating systems and the standards that come with them require varying development expenditures, new companies are using this strategy to save money on development costs; you can do the same thing if you want to.
Flutter is utilised by 42 per cent of software developers throughout the world for the development of mobile applications because of its low cost.

3. Evaluate the Available Employment Opportunities

There are multiple recruiting models available, each provided by a unique app development company. They propose alternatives such as:
Staff augmentation is based on a subscription model, in which the client chooses a team of expert developers and divides the work into monthly, quarterly, or project milestones.
Hourly development rates: more similar to a subscription model, your app development team will establish a proposal and scope of work, then divide it by the number of development hours, and charge you for the hours that were spent to working on your project.
Outsourcing a project will require a one-time payment for the whole cost of the project, which can be made in several instalments.
Although the financial costs of each of these employment models are the same, entrepreneurs and startups are given the opportunity to organise their cashflows in a manner that is most suitable for them.

The DoorDash App’s Most Important Segments

The food delivery apps not only include a customer app, but these apps also have four vital components, which comprise the restaurant panel, admin panel, consumer panel, and courier panel respectively. Additionally, each user interface is comprised of a unique set of features that are tailored to meet the requirements of the users.
  • Consultation With Customers Panel


The customer panel provides functionality that enables users to purchase food items from stores, restaurants, and cafés. This feature is included in the customer panel. This is the most significant component of the DoorDash app since it enables your customers to navigate the menu, have real-time tracking, a variety of payment choices, and easily place orders. The features that you add to your app will determine how the customer panel looks and functions. In most cases, the price of a DoorDash customer panel falls somewhere in the range of $25,000 to $40,000 dollars.
  • Restaurant Panel

This control panel needs several fundamental features that will make it simpler for merchants to maintain their product histories. The restaurant control panel gives users the ability to take orders from customers, manage their physical location, improve their food menu, provide discounts, and determine delivery times, among other things. The preference of the merchants is to have user-friendly features that make it simple to accept the order and upgrade the menu. Therefore, the price range for developing a restaurant panel is between $200,000 and $250,000.
  • Courier app


The dashers are able to examine all of the details of an order using the Courier app panel, which also allows them to receive orders and deliver them to the appropriate location. Because we don’t want our dashers to become overwhelmed, this panel just includes the most essential capabilities. The ease with which the courier interface may be developed is largely attributable to the fact that it contains only a few functionalities and has a relatively straightforward user interface. The development of the DoorDash courier app would set you back anything from $16,000 to $27,000 dollars.
  • Admin Panel

The administrative control panel is generally regarded as the “brain” of the system. owing to the fact that it is the primary platform that analyses all aspects pertaining to the operations of the app. The administrative control panel is built in a way that allows for the tracking and management of various payment methods, reviews, and other functions. In addition, it is important to check on the locations of the restaurants, delivery services, and customers. The most important capabilities of this user interface are to be able to add new restaurants, change existing information, provide discounts, and track location. On the other hand, the price of developing an administrative control panel ranges from $30000 to $70000.

Wrapping Up

After you have made the decision that you want to launch an app in the food delivery niche, it is a common business move to seek unique quotations and pricing estimates from multiple developers.
Moving forward, you should be aware that the success of your technical endeavour is dependent on two factors: the correct execution of your business plan and the team that shares the same goal of capitalising on market gaps and making a difference.


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