21 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2022

April 19, 2022

21 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2022

The new year has arrived, and we’re looking ahead to web design trends in 2022. Consider the websites you’ve visited in the last few months. There were certainly a few that stood out due to their user-friendly interface and appealing design. The same is true for websites that provide a poor user experience: they stick with you and may even make you dislike the company.

Front end development company India began to see commonalities after collecting modern website examples and conducting our UX research. An outstanding user experience and creative web design aren’t just great to have in today’s huge and saturated online world; they’re expected and required for a website to be successful.

Anthropomorphic Animations


In UX design, animations are nothing new. However, we are seeing them becoming more organic, fluid, and spectacular as a result of some noteworthy tendencies. Anthropomorphism is one such trend, and it is expected to become one of the top UX design trends in 2022.

The attribution of human feelings, qualities, and intentions to non-human objects are known as anthropomorphism. UX designers can use this feature to turn abstract objects into likeable animated creatures that resemble human-like moments in animations.

Humans are drawn to objects that are visually and behaviorally similar to them. As a result, they are more compatible with anthropomorphic animations. It boosts user engagement and creates a more immersive experience. The mobile app development company India offer the best frontend development services.

Mirco Animations Give Web Design More Depth


Although few animations are not new to web design, we predict this trend to grow in 2022. Subtle movements add life to a website, making it more engaging for visitors. These micro animations and designs can also be used to draw the user’s attention to critical portions of a page.

Front end development company India employed micro animation on the homepage of ASK Resource Center’s new website to gently show the populations they serve.

Writing for User Experience

People want to hear straight-to-the-point information that will benefit them, which will result in increased customer engagement and conversions.

The goal of UX writing, often known as “Microcopy,” is to utilise brief words to help consumers comprehend where they are, what they need to accomplish, the brand story, and how the brand can help them.


Air Gesture

Motion control is a new mobile design trend that encourages users to conduct actions with their bodies, such as taking a picture by making a palm gesture in front of the camera.

A lot has changed since the introduction of touch screens, as evidenced by the growing touch screen aspect ratios in mobile interfaces. With higher aspect ratios, there are fewer bezels on the front, resulting in a better gesture experience.

Although Apple pioneered gesture control in iOS, the new UX trend (air gesture) elevates the technology to new heights. Without using touchscreens, you can make things happen on the phone by waving your hand or pinching your fingers in the air.

Augmented and virtual reality


This has come a long way from being merely a theoretical possibility for real-world use. This progress in technology has become one of the most recent UX industry trends, and it will continue to be in the next years.

Web Design Trends in Monochrome


Monochromatic website design is a style that has recently gained attention, and we predict that it will continue beyond 2022. Coloured elements capture the user’s attention in this style, which gives it a clean, straightforward appearance.

Insurance solution over the internet Lemonade employs monochrome design to produce a visually appealing design that directs users to crucial information and actions.



Modern design is not only aesthetically beautiful, but many modern website examples also provide a simple and simplified user experience. Oboosho, a cleaning firm based in New York, has a really simple design that showcases their colourful, funny brand. There are no showy elements on this site to distract visitors from their aim of learning more or making an appointment, and users can easily discover the essential information.

This website also employs a hamburger navigation version, which is a popular UX web design trend for mobile websites. While we don’t always recommend this navigation structure for a website’s desktop version, it does add to the minimalist feel of this modest website.

The foundation of web 2.0 skeuomorphism design and flat design has given birth to neumorphism graphic design. Essentially, neomorphism creates a consistent, clean aesthetic aspect across the design. It’s a monochromatic look that emphasises shadows and subtle colour shifts. This allows the user’s attention to be drawn to the most relevant information while reducing the risk of visual clutter.

While this design is aesthetically pleasing, it lacks contrast in features like buttons, which can cause user experience concerns if not handled properly. As a result, many UX experts advise against using this type of design. Even so, if done well, neomorphism web design can result in a stunning aesthetic that is both fresh and clean.

Rotating Animations

The Disruption Company’s new website design is the best website design inspiration we’ve seen that incorporates the revolving animation trend. They pique users’ interest since each time you reload the homepage, you’ll get a new and inventive sponsored film. Users will have a unique experience on your website every time they visit thanks to fun surprises like these.

Adaptive Web Design and Interactive Landing Pages


Dynamic, responsive landing pages are used in some of the most interesting modern website examples. It’s difficult to keep customers interested on a plain, static landing page, so adding adaptable web design elements like animation and interactive features can help users stay longer on the page. On this website for Weberous, a Los Angeles web design and marketing agency, notice the water ripple effect. The interactive and animated page elements are excellent examples of how to incorporate innovative UX web design trends into a static landing page.

Aurora UI


Aurora UI is about producing a delicate backdrop gradient by non-linearly blending multiple colours. It gives a design a new sense, meeting the users’ desire for change. Simultaneously, it maintains a simple appearance and does not obstruct the accessibility of interface elements such as buttons or labels.

It’s the ideal blend of usefulness and aesthetics. You may make a design that stands out from the crowd by creating a decorative background and using it to differentiate your UI.

Illustrations created by hand


Over the years, illustrations have undergone many transformations. The use of vector drawings and unique character illustrations has become increasingly popular in recent years. Pictures will take a more human approach in the form of hand-drawn illustrations in 2022.

Popular websites like Mailchimp have black and white images on their homepages. They are successful in catching consumers’ attention with simple and appealing images. These hand-drawn images exude inventiveness, provide a unique touch, and transport viewers back to a time when print media was black and white.



Neumorphism was a web design trend that first appeared in 2020 and is projected to continue through 2022. Neumorphism gives flat designs like buttons and icons a 3D appearance by adding dimension to them. It adds a touch of reality to a design while preserving its simplicity.

Neumorphism is subtle in that it creates the projecting look with lights and shadows rather than dramatic features. It does, however, highlight several usability and accessibility concerns. A competent designer, on the other hand, can make it function despite its defects!

Websites with Lots of Text

Text-heavy web pages are an example of another practical component of modern web design trends. People place a higher value on their time and seek direct communication. On the surface, a website that tells customers what they want to know satisfies their needs.

To suit client expectations and enhance conversion rates, websites use huge headings on their homepages and landing pages. The homepage art here is text, which takes up the majority of the screen space.

To develop a one-of-a-kind design, you might try a variety of font experiments. It does, however, have design difficulties, as text-heavy designs are tough to implement.

Dark Theme


Dark themes, which were a huge design trend in 2020, will continue to be popular in 2022. The gloomy theme was one of those fads that captured people’s hearts not just for its looks but also for its practicality.

White Space

White space, often known as space, is an important component of the minimalistic design style. Because of how clean and natural it feels, this aesthetic is still popular today.

Collage Art

Collage art is an inventive web design style that is poised to take over websites in 2022. It’s also known as a mixed media style because it incorporates not just images but also illustrations, graphics, and text.

Collage art projects’ popularity on social media has paved the road for this web design trend. The ease with which people could produce digital art using their iPads propelled this movement into the mainstream.

Abstract Design


The unique web design approach known as abstract design creates a lovely mix between truth and fantasy. It entails producing creative representations using geometric shapes to project a design that appears fluid, natural, and one-of-a-kind. In 2022, we’ll see this trend on the homepages of several websites. The abstract design is a terrific illustration of creativity in action, as it breathes life into the design while maintaining a sense of balance.

Grainy Texture

The grainy texture is another new web design trend aimed at giving designs a natural edge. Rougher features are being used in place of solid colours that imply perfection. It might be interpreted as a design trend away from producing a polished environment and toward discovering beauty in reality. It gives the design a moody feel and complements other design trends like aurora UI and neumorphism.

Colours of the Year from Pantone

Without mentioning the Pantone colours of the year, any discussion of the current web design trends for 2022 will be inadequate. Every year, it’s something that designers look forward to as they determine the year’s trending colours.

Pantone’s colour of the year is dazzling yellow with ultimate grey. It’s a lovely combination of bright and neutral that emanates brightness without being overbearing. In 2022, we may expect to see a slew of new site designs featuring this colour palette!

Realistic Textures

Although sleek and elegant gradients are popular these days, some UX designers are exploring them by giving things with varied textures realistic experiences.

Landing Pages for High-Tech Products

Super tech landing pages are another trendy UX design idea that’s gaining traction these days. Apple and Microsoft, in particular, use them on their tech and product websites to keep buyers engaged.

The use of volumetric images, renderings, and hyper-realistic complex animations that attract, impress, and fascinate consumers distinguishes Super Tech landing pages.


Wrapping Up

It was a success! There was a long list of UI/UX design trends to investigate. As we can see, there will be a lot of exciting things happening in the user experience design field this year. To be ready for this change, we must first comprehend the current UX design trends. We can only nail the user experience after we understand how these trends fit with our business needs and user expectations.



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