10 Things to Consider When Buying An Online ATS System

September 5, 2022

10 Things to Consider When Buying An Online ATS System

The recruiting world has changed due to technological advancements. Businesses today have access to a wide range of equipment and programs influencing how they seek out and hire employees. 75% of hiring and talent managers claim to use recruiting software to enhance their hiring procedures.

Recruiters may use technology to streamline every hiring process step, including finding prospects, conducting interviews, onboarding new employees, and much more. It can be challenging to choose which technology to buy, considering the abundance of recruitment tools and technologies available.Why Should You Invest In an online ATS system?

The candidate-driven staffing environment needs an ATS now more than ever. It will streamline your workflow and lessen the workload on your recruiters at each level of the candidate lifecycle.

An ATS streamlines finding and sourcing prospects, removes tedious and time-consuming manual chores, enhances the applicant experience, empowers your recruiters to take more informed judgments, and frees up time for essential duties.

The employment process has been positively impacted by their applicant tracking system (ATS), according to 94% of recruiters and hiring managers.

When conducting your evaluation, we advise you to these 10 things to consider when buying an online ATS system:

Computerized Data Capture


Less than half of a staffing professional’s time is spent working with candidates and bringing in money. Instead, manual administrative activities take up the majority of their day.

The top applicant tracking systems will automatically record all your company’s hiring and recruiting operations. This makes time available for tasks like finding applicants and maintaining connections.

The most well-known illustration is a Fitbit. Without your input, it automatically records every action you take throughout the day. and provides insights based on that data to help you achieve your fitness and health objectives.

An ATS operates in the same manner. The interchanges among competitors and your organization’s selection representatives are naturally recorded, so you can all the more likely comprehend your business without anything to do physically entering your information.

Cognitive Prediction


Email or a spreadsheet can be used to manage your contacts, but they are only helpful as data storage systems. An ATS with prescient knowledge moves toward your competitors later on.

Predictive intelligence will help your recruiter spot issues before they become more serious, saving you from being caught off guard by dissatisfied candidates. This enables you to prioritize accounts that require the most of your attention and reach out to candidates ready for redeployment.


Although staffing firms’ requirements are considered when designing the best applicant tracking systems, no solution can be entirely customized to meet your company’s unique requirements. As your firm develops, your needs will probably change as well.

Find an ATS that will expand with you and can be customized to meet your needs, whatever they may be. So you can change it to best suit your work process, pick an ATS that supports open application programming points of interaction (APIs).

Text Messaging


Not everyone is using their phone, including recruiters. Text messages are becoming more popular for getting in touch with candidates. Search for an ATS that offers Short Messaging Service (SMS) capacities to send messages to up-and-comers straightforwardly from your candidate’s global positioning framework.

Implementing and sustaining ATS

You’ve taken the time to investigate your alternatives. No matter how big your team is, you’ll want to start moving quickly after making a decision. Figure out what assets are accessible to assist you with getting everything rolling. Do you have a preparation program for your new ATS? Will assistance be provided with establishing career pages, HRIS integrations, and other tailored features? Think about additional long-term support. If you require assistance, is it available around the clock? How quickly does it respond? Look for recruiting tools like articles and videos if you’d rather self-serve.

Careers pages


They must communicate properly because careers pages are often where prospective employees get their company’s first impressions. Will your ATS provide a branded, automatically updated careers page for you that is mobile-optimized, quick, and free? Is there an API to incorporate with your ATS on the off chance that you now have a professional site to refresh work subtleties naturally?

Employer reputability

During the recruiting system, competitors express sincere feelings about bosses in light of responsibilities, application structures, work pages, and correspondence. An adequate ATS provides capabilities to personalize these and create a unified brand across the hiring procedure. Get this correct to target suitable candidates effectively.

Applicant obtaining


You can’t employ great people without the legitimate possibilities ready to go. Your pipeline will be enriched, and you’ll be able to hire for senior or difficult-to-fill positions with a potent talent sourcing tool. A quick, comprehensive, and accurate search should be conducted. Does it combine all the data from many web sources into a single, comprehensive applicant profile? Could you at any point play out a speedy pursuit, add possibilities to your new ATS account, and reach out to them straightforwardly in one accommodation?

CRM for talent


Yes, you want to recruit someone, but occasionally the ideal prospect appears at the wrong time. Can you create talent pools through your ATS and foster long-lasting, meaningful relationships with candidates and prospects? Search for application global positioning framework includes that empowers you to tag, search, and channel your competitor data set, take notes, and set updates for activity or contact from here on out.

Mobile recruiting


You’ll need a mobile app to hire on the go whether your schedule is desk-light and travel-heavy or if you simply want to cut down on idle time. With a smartphone, is it possible to communicate with candidates, arrange interviews, finish scorecards, and stay in touch with your hiring team wherever you are?


Large amounts of information about you, your applicants, and your clients are in your customer records. Choose an ATS provider with a strong reputation for security. By encrypting data transfers and restricting the amount of personal data that can be acquired, the provider should show that they are making a consistent effort to ensure security.


It can be challenging for businesses to obtain fundamental data on their recruiting status. Everybody should be able to view the hiring process from the front row, thanks to ATS’s built-in reporting. At the most fundamental level, this entails giving a detailed account of every applicant who has been considered for a position, together with the results of all hiring processes that have already taken place, such as phone screenings, interviews, take-home exams, and rejections or offers.


Final Thoughts

Investing in new technology might be exciting since it has the potential to rejuvenate and update your recruitment approach. However, as the technology industry becomes increasingly crowded, such purchasing decisions become more and more challenging. Before making a hasty purchase and regretting it later, we beg you to consider the factors above.

Nobody else can decide what’s best for your company and recruiting strategy, so keep that in mind if there’s one thing. You can get the correct technology to meet and surpass your hiring objectives if you keep your team’s unique procedures and requirements in mind.

So those are some of the essential factors you should consider while evaluating your current ATS or getting a new one.

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