10 Things to Consider When Buying an Online ATS System

March 21, 2023

10 Things to Consider When Buying an Online ATS System

Various recruitment organizations, social media portals, and job portals are available. The help of multiple sources enables you to reach a talented group of people. But, extracting and managing information from these sources is a challenging aspect. Are you spending most of your time screening unqualified resumes?

If yes, it is time for the company to modernize the recruitment process by implementing the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for your business. However, only ATS systems are perfectly suitable for some workplaces. The business needs can vary and entirely depend on the organization’s size. In the online world, various ATS systems are available to ease recruitment, but how do you select the best one?

You must remember ten key points while buying an online ATS system. So, let’s discover.

What is Applicant Tracking System?

ATS is a software application that serves as a database for job aspirants and enables HR teams to organize recruitment and hiring data. However, hiring an eligible candidate is integral to the organization’s success. But at the same time, we all know the hiring process is time and energy-consuming. Due to this, the ATS module has become part of the comprehensive human resource management system.ATS software will simplify various issues associated with the hiring process and build an effective and efficient experience so; the HR teams can focus on hiring the best applicant. According to Capterra, 94% of the companies that use the ATS system will improve the hiring process. What should you consider while buying Applicant Tracking System?

Things to Consider When Buying an Online ATS System

Various things need to remember while purchasing an online ATS system. Here are some significant points to consider while comparing, evaluating, and deciding which ATS software works for you.

Determine Relevant Features for Business Scalability

The leading role of an efficient ATS system is to manage the recruitment process in one system. ATS software will perform several tasks collecting job requirements to broadcasting on different portals, merging all the applicant profiles in a funnel, and streamlining the hiring process in their organization. Thus, while buying an online ATS system for your company, make sure that you will solve the challenges faced by the HR department and future needs. If you have a small or startup business investing in expensive ATS software will be costly for you, so try to use an affordable one and make the recruitment process smoother.

Easy Integration

When you are ready to buy ATS software, the most crucial consideration is to check whether the ATS software will easily integrate with the payroll system. Some organizations purchase technology from one another due to the varied requirements. Therefore, the integration issue may be why you should buy ATS rather than HRIS complete, which is easily integrated with talent acquisition.ATS system will provide bespoke integration benefits that companies, without any doubt, can include in their workplace.

Increased Task and Workflow Automation

Increased-Task-and-Workflow-Automation--Online-application-tracking-systemUsually, automation of tasks is an obvious expectation of recruiting platform. Every company wants to minimize the friction in the hiring process. They need a system that enables them to streamline the whole working process effectively. A good ATS software will help them make unnecessary delays and remove obstacles in the workflow.When any company decides to hire new candidates, they have its requirements. However, the hiring process takes time to identify sources and approaches that work well for their talent acquisition regimen. A sound applicant tracking system will help the company to determine quickly by offering complete visibility in the work system.

Data Security

An Applicant Tracking system is a tool that brings together the entire hiring process. You can screen candidates, evaluate them, schedule interviews, and collect feedback from one platform. Excel sheets/hiring trackers differ from an Applicant Tracking System because everything is located in one place. It’s easier to stay organized when you don’t need multiple tools.

Social Media Recruiting

Social-Media-Recruiting--Online-application-tracking-systemModern recruiting is efficient and complete if it doesn’t leverage social networking and the power of Social Networks. Most of the top talent you need to fill your open jobs is on social media platforms, whether for work or networking. The integration your applicant tracking system offers with social media platforms is an excellent way to test it. You can easily share your jobs on social media with your organization and track the success rate. To test the full social media recruitment capabilities, you can get a free trial and see how it integrates with applicant tracking.

Customer Support

While purchasing software and tools for the business, the company wants to ensure its customer support services. A similar thing applies to ATS software as well. So, before buying an online applicant tracking system, the following questions, you should ask:
– Is the customer support team available 24×7?
– Is the support team dedicated to my account?
– Is the support team assisting in the regional language?
– What platform uses to provide service?
– Can the support team help me integrate existing software with ATS?

User Point of View

When an applicant tracking system is considered, the two stages are involved. One is where the in–house team members help in the recruitment process, and another is where the candidates communicate indirectly. Even you can ask for a trial from the job seeker’s side. However, to make it real – test and find the company that uses ATS and try it in the form of the job seeker.Are-you-looking-for-readymade-Applicant-Tracking-System-for-your-business

Check Provide Free Trial

Look for the applicant tracking system that provides you with a trial option. It is helpful for startup businesses that don’t have a streamlined recruitment process. However, investing in costly ATS without a recruitment process would not allow enjoying the advantage of ATS. So, use the free trial period to manage the hiring process before onboarding a new applicant tracking system. The free trial allows the team to get first-hand experience with ATS without spending money.While trying it for free, you can determine the following things:
– What process can run on ATS? Try to run one process from beginning to end and identify the roadblocks.
– How many people can access ATS?
– Try integrating ATS with other HR tools to check whether it is connected swiftly.

Data Migration

When migrating to a different platform, companies often have to transfer their candidate database from an old one to a newer one. An Applicant Tracking System that is reliable and easy to use should be able to import these data into the system. When searching for an applicant tracking system, ask about this feature. No matter how extensive your existing database is, your vendor should be able to move you quickly to the new system.Many applicants are received from multiple sources. Soon, this information can build up in emails and folders, making it difficult to transfer them into the ATS database. You should be able to regularly bulk import data into your ATS. This will allow you to consolidate all information from incoming candidates into one platform.

User–Friendly Interface

User–Friendly-Interface--Online-application-tracking-systemThe new applicant tracking system must have an easy interface that facilitates the recruitment process and access to stakeholders. Consider the applicant applying for the job; the hiring managers and HR teams will evaluate applicants. However, no one likes clunky software that takes ages to navigate. Make sure that ATS software has a user–friendly interface that is easily accessible by team members.


Finding the best Applicant Tracking system takes effort. The above checklist will help you quickly find the right platform for your organization and an effective applicant tracking system without going through many product demos.We-Provide-100-percent-Customized-Web-Mobile-Apps-To-Grow-Your-Business


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