10 Best Progressive Web Apps That Demand Attention in 2022

April 14, 2022

10 Best Progressive Web Apps That Demand Attention in 2022

Progressive Web Apps: Overview

A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of web-based application that uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to create it. It’s designed to work on any device that has a standards-compliant browser, which includes both mobile and desktop computers.

The progressive web app development company in India incorporates the most advanced features on mobile and desktop computers. The unique frontend development service offered by our developers provides the best results.

While web applications have always been available for all mobile devices, they are typically slower, offer fewer features, and are less popular than native mobile apps.

A progressive web app does not require discrete delivery or bundling because it is essentially a website or webpage.

Installing PWAs via digital distribution methods such as Google Play or Apple Store is not restricted to consumers or developers. Progressive web application solutions are among the bespoke web application development services PWA developer provide.Hire-PWA-Developer-Save-upto-40-percent-of-the-development-cost-contact-us

What are the Benefits of Using Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web app development company in India assist business processes to improve page views, session length, and conversions. Progressive Web Applications are cost-effective and take up relatively little space on mobile devices, with improved performance compared to traditional websites and apps, faster loading times, and compelling user interactions.

The following are the key distinctive characteristics of progressive web applications:

  • They are compatible with practically any search engine, and their responsiveness makes them suitable for use on a variety of devices.
  • Setup like a typical smartphone or desktop app, but without the need to install anything.
  • The capacity to work in low-bandwidth environments or offline.
  • The navigation and interaction are identical to those found in a native application.
  • Push notification compatibility, which makes re-engagement simple for users.
  • Sharing is made simple with the use of links.
  • Increased website efficiency affects conversion, customer experience, and retention rates.



Trivago, a well-known hotel booking website in the travel industry that helps users choose the best hotel stay and services based on their interests and budget, has launched its Progressive Web App to increase user engagement by providing flawless interactions to their clients and encouraging them to find and book an accommodation through the platform with ease.



Evernote is a well-known note-taking programme. This type of app is beneficial to everyone. It’s possible that making it available to everyone is your main focus. You, too, can construct a highly accessible progressive web app with the help of a knowledgeable web application development company. It would be a lot easier and better with the help of a PWA developer.

Evernote, for example, is a timeless tool that everyone can use. That is why creating a progressive web application is such a wonderful idea. A tool like this can be used by anyone who has access to an internet browser.

PWA for Twitter Lite


Around the world, Twitter has almost 320 million monthly active users who acquire, generate, and exchange information. With over 80% of people accessing Twitter via mobile, the company intended to make the mobile web experience faster, more dependable, and more entertaining.

With Twitter Lite PWA, the microblogging platform was able to integrate the finest of current web and native app features. It aided in the delivery of a solid experience with instant loading capabilities, better user engagement, and reduced data usage. As a result, the bounce rate dropped by 20% and the number of pages per session increased by 65%.



Everyone enjoys radio applications, and one, in particular, stands out. Spotify is an application for listening to music. This app is popular as a progressive web app as well as a native app. As a result, it is widely used on computers and laptops.

Spotify created a fantastic PWA, but it wasn’t the only thing they accomplished.

The business was able to significantly grow the number of paid members. This, however, would not have been conceivable if the number of free memberships was not already large. In this scenario, the efficacy of a PWA that encompasses all user needs demonstrates its usefulness.



When the Pinterest apps (Android and iOS) were first released, they did not receive a lot of attention. This is because the website outperformed the apps by a wide margin. Unfortunately, this has left app users dissatisfied.

The firm suffered because of the apps’ poor performance. To the point that the apps have to be rebuilt from the ground up! This emphasises the importance of selecting the proper online software development firm the first time.

It may be pricey to have to re-develop your app. Not to mention the fact that having two separate apps for Android and iOS devices necessitates two separate code bases. As a result, development expenses go up and take longer. PWAs aid in the elimination of these flaws!



Online sales made possible by a progressive web app can be a major source of revenue. People are looking for what suits them and provide the most convenience in a changing world.

By knowing the demands of your present and potential clients, you can make your business appear more convenient. With the help of bespoke web application development services, you may accomplish this. The Adidas app was able to design a unique web app that consumers find simple to use as a result of this. With this, they were able to get their intended product.

Any visitor’s demand can be narrowed down with the addition of personalised filter and sort options. When there are hundreds of things on display, this is extremely useful. Finally, these features are worthwhile because they save a significant amount of time.



After implementing a PWA that allows customers to book travel tickets and accommodations regardless of time, location, or network availability, MakeMyTrip, an Indian travel booking service, observed a 160 per cent increase in shopper sessions (a treble conversion rate).



After modernising its site with Progressive Web App, Alibaba.com, the world’s largest online B2B trading platform, which serves 200+ countries and regions, witnessed a 76 per cent boost in total conversions across browsers (PWA).

Alibaba was able to entice both first-time and returning visitors with PWA. When compared to other mobile users, the company was able to re-engage customers four times with the “Add to Home Screen” prompt and push notifications.



If you commute daily and don’t own a car, transportation applications are a must-have. At the very least, you’ll be less likely to become stranded somewhere off the grid. The Uber app has been really helpful in transporting folks from point A to point B, and on time!

The Uber app and its features are relied upon by a large number of individuals to provide effective and dependable services. This level of quality can be attributed to progressive web app development.



Starbucks, one of the world’s most popular coffee shops, has seen a considerable increase in the use of Progressive Web Apps. The number of people who visit their website has increased by double, as has the number of people who use their mobile app.

The Starbucks PWA was created in 2017 with a large number of mobile customers and emerging markets in mind, as Starbucks has a presence in many places that lack decent communication infrastructure.

It was created to allow consumers to peruse the menu, place customised orders, and add them to their shopping cart on the website despite poor or no internet connectivity.

Wrapping Up

Progressive web apps are quickly becoming the preferred method of creating a modern, user-friendly web application. What’s more, the sheer pleasure that users derive from utilising such applications that value them is immeasurable.

Do you want to give your organisation an advantage over competitors that are still relying on outdated enterprise-centric applications? Consider Web Application Development by Indapoint if you do. You will receive software that accurately portrays your brand and meets the needs of your customers.



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