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Responsive Web Design

In this modern time, almost every people are knowledgeable of internet technology. This can be access from numerous types of devices that come up with different sizes of screens. People use everything from small mobile screen phone up to giant sized smart-TV. When you develop a website, you can never be sure if what size of screen will be used.

One of the challenges is how to provide a seamless and consistent user experiences despite their device type, resolution and screen size. The simplest solution to this is the Responsive Web Design or also known as RWD.

RWD is an approach being used in designing website pages that respond to the user″s environment and behavior based upon on the orientation, platform and screen sized. Approach that provide a very relevant experience that also eradicate the need for the development phase and several design for every new gadget in the market that makes the website save money and future ready. The resolution and screen sizes spectrum is widening as time passes and creating numerous website versions that target every individual device in really not the practical way, a problem where Responsive Web Design face on.

A website designed that consist of RWD adapts layout to viewing environment by means of proportion based grids, fluids, CSS3 media queries and flexible images, the extension of @media rule. The concept of fluid grid calls for the page element that sizing to be the relative unit like the percentages rather than the absolute unit of points or pixels. The flexible images were being sized with relative unit to prevent from displaying outside containing element. While for the media queries, this allow pages to use several CSS style rules that is based on characteristics of certain device where the site is being displayed on that is commonly the browser width.

The images being designed with RWD is called the context-aware, a particular technique that serves true purpose of designing in its true sense as it serves at several resolution that range from smaller to large screens. The images being scaled appear to fluidly change with the aid of update coding languages a developer tools that also design to have a sharp look at its every context. This responsive design approach is a lot different from the traditional designing with regards to creative and technical issues and careful use of this will surely do wonders.

There are numerous companies that offer this type of services. One of the leading companies that are well equipped and trained with this approach to ensure that every design they made will catch the attention of the client and its users is the IndaPoint Technologies. The team is expert on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 that will ensure much consistent user experience across the current up to future devices. Be assured that every output will be done accordingly and creatively for your satisfaction. Your website will look professional that will definitely catch user’s attention that is a great advantage to your side. Return of investment can double in a short period of time.

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