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Our classified solutions provide web-based, PHP and MYSQL scripts which can be used to run any online classified business like real estate, classified advertisements, classified ads, dating, employment and jobs.

Our online PHP classifieds solution is a fully scalable and ready PHP MySQL classifieds script. Our script provides the capability of running any type of classified advertisement website including Real Estate, Rentals, Lots/Land, Jobs, General For Sale, Autos, Pets, and more.


Administration module (secure and protected)

  • Category
    • Indent the Roman numerals Add/edit/delete including main and subgroups
  • Users
    • Add/edit/delete
  • Listing (Advertisements)
    • Option to move to top any specific advertisement (define a custom position from administration module)
    • Option to re-activate advertisements set to expire by an administrator
    • Define sponsored ads and feature ads which will appear at the top of all advertisements
    • Ad duration, in days: Sets the number of days an ad can normally run.
    • Option to send a periodical newsletter or information to all registered users
  • Site configuration
    • Site name
    • Logo
    • E-mail address
    • Contact e-mail address
    • "Under Maintenance" (message text)

Public website

  • Nice- and W3C- compliant design
  • Search engine-friendly design
  • Category listing on left
  • E-mail address spam protection
  • Subcategory listing is on the left as well as on the main page when the category is selected. In the middle section, the first five advertisements in the subgroup are displayed. There is also an ad count in the subgroups section
  • Search option: (basic, advanced or category). This search box will remain on all pages except on the advertisement detail page
  • Advertisement listing
    • List
    • Photos only
    • Automatic expiration of advertisement after defined days (e.g. 30 days): ad duration and renew date is controlled in the admin panel (see above)
  • Advertisement detail page
  • Multiple photos
  • Option to zoom photo
  • Users
    • User registration: To place an ad, the user starts by choosing "main group," then "sub group," then inputs an e-mail address. The system then checks if the user is already registered. If registered, the user needs to re-enter the correct password the system can recognize. If the password has been forgotten, the next screen that opens contains fields to fill in, like "Mr/Mrs/Company," "Name of person/company," postal code and phone number. Then the user is asked to complete all the ad details: pictures, price, etc., to add text, and then accept the site user policy and privacy information.
    • Login: If the user is logged in, to the left he sees "Welcome [user name]." Below this are options: "My ads," "My bids," "My favorites" and "My account details." Users can also tick the box: "Keep me logged in unless I log out."
    • Forgotten password
    • Edit my profile
    • Change password
    • Post advertisement
    • Advertisement edit: The user (now also the "seller" of an item) can edit the ads they have posted. Also the seller can delete the ad in the user admin section
    • Option to bid on advertisement by providing e-mail and amount: If a user (who wants to bid on an item) inputs his e-mail address, the system will ask him for his password (if he is a registered user). After login, the user’s name is placed in the bid section including his bid amount.
    • Trading
    • Option to send e-mail/contact advertiser: Enabled by an "E-mail" button.
    • Option to "View all ads": If you are on the ad detail section of an advertisement, you can click on “View all ads” and see all the ads on the site placed by a particular person.
  • Interaction (User and advertisement)
    • Option to contact advertiser: It’s not necessary for the bidder to have registered first
    • Option to bid on an advertised item: When a seller places an ad, he chooses from a drop-down box. If he adds a price, then no other options are available. If there’s no price, he can choose to: "Place bid," "Negotiate price," "Not applicable," "Against reasonable bid," "Free," "Exchange," or "Swap"? "On request," or "Reserved."

      When a buyer places a bid which has been accepted by the seller: The seller makes an appointment with the buyer. The seller temporarily changes the item’s status from (for instance): "Place Bid" to "Reserved" in his online ad so all viewers see at once the item is reserved. They then can only e-mail the seller. After the item is sold, the seller can delete his ad.
    • Option to keep advertisement after (X days) expiration: The seller may be allowed the option to renew the ad before it expires in so many days. (Set via admin panel.)
    • Seller can also send an e-mail to the bidder or seller can delete the bid
  • "Contact Us" page
  • "FAQs" (Frequently asked questions) page
  • Help pages
  • Home
  • Site map
  • About the site

We provide our websites/online PHP classified scripts with features in Dutch, English, German, Hebrew and any other language.

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