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Our Methodology

An essential part of the delivery process is IndaPoint's structured process and methodology. IndaPoint uses the best industry practices and our architecture group and project teams work together to evolve methodologies for technology areas. IndaPoint encompasses strong process management orientation at each of our delivery centers.

At the start of each project, IndaPoint utilizes a well-constituted delivery engine to confirm our customer's requirements and gain a detailed understanding of the project's expectations and specifications. Progress is carefully and continually monitored to conform to an agreed-upon timeline. Excellence in our process assures our customers' satisfaction.

Two things are crucial for successful web application development projects. First, iterative processes used to develop and manage projects and second, multiple forms of prototyping used to learn rapidly and reduce mistakes and misinterpretations.

IndaPoint responds to complex business challenges with consistent and proven methodologies. We make sure we understand your organization and your needs and then we apply established benchmarks and best practices to help you move ahead.

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