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jQuery Developers and Designers

jQuery: write less, do more, JavaScript library

JQuery has changed the way we write JavaScript. With jQuery we can write advanced JavaScript with ease and it keeps the code clean. We can develop advanced animation, Ajax solutions, interactivity like drag-and-drop, tree view, scroll, carousel, virtual tour, 3600 tour, advanced data grid, forms etc. JQuery also provides an elegant solution to validation and image galleries. With jQuery we can provide marvelous user experiences on your website/Web application. It can be a wonderful slideshow, gallery, zoom-in, animation, panoramic view, high-end user interactivity like drag-and-drop, tree view etc.

jQuery Web designers have become increasingly vital and popular in today's fast-paced and demanding workplace and outsourcing to an IndaPoint designer is a cost-effective way to meet your specific business needs.

Skills and features of our jQuery designers/Developers:

  • Highly experienced and fully dedicated
  • Strong HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Guaranteed coding to W3C compliance
  • Strong jQuery and other advanced JavaScript experience
  • Compatibility assured with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

We are committed to YOUR team with:

  • Low cost
  • Daily and weekly report options
  • Fluent English communication
  • Your full IP rights
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Fully dedicated resource(s)
  • Six days a week availability
  • Remote monitoring
  • Direct communication
  • E-mail, IM, Skype and phone communication
  • High-end project management tools and online collaboration applications

If you are looking for a dedicated team to create an effective, highly professional website tailored to your needs and you’re looking for a dedicated jQuery design team or need to hire a jQuery designer; please contact us.

jQuery is fast becoming a strong alternative to Flash and it is highly compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and etc. It also makes sure that your website looks same on all smart phones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other instruments.

Please click below to view a few demonstrations of jQuery implementations.

Here is a list of very useful jQuery plug-ins:

  • Accessibility Stylesheet and text size switcher.
  • Accordion Accordion interface with a few variations.
  • AlphaNumeric Prevent users from inputing special characters.
  • Ajax File Upload Loading graphic displays while file is uploaded.
  • appendDom Write HTML with JavaScript, great for displaying Ajax results.
  • appendText Converts text into post friendly html.
  • blockUI EXCELLENT Create a message overlay while blocking user interaction on elements or the entire page.
  • BogoFolders View text through a ‘file menu’ interface.
  • BogoTabs Basic tabbed interface.
  • Bubble Demo highlights selected table rows in groups of tables.
  • Calendar Aids date entry.
  • Checkbox manipulation Select, unselect and toggle checkboxes.
  • Chili EXCELLENT Syntax highlighting for displaying code on webpages.
  • Choose Component Select data from a table row through a modal window.
  • Click Menu Generates dropdown menus.
  • clueTip Tooltips with many variations.
  • Color Animations Add color animations to div backgrounds.
  • Color Picker Pass in color choices and attach custom events to each color block.
  • columnHover Highlight table rows and columns.
  • columnManager Add, remove and toggle table columns.
  • ContextMenu Menus that show when you right click specified elements.
  • Confirmer Adds a listener to check if user confirms their action.
  • Cycle EXCELLENT Add flash-like image effects to rotating image galleries.
  • date picker Aids date entry.
  • Delicious Read delicious bookmarks from a user to display on a webpage.
  • Dimensions Get accurate window and document attributes across browsers.
  • Equalize Columns Make columns the same height as the longest column.
  • FCKEditor Plugin Adds a rich text editor to a textarea.
  • Field Expand the ability to retrieve and set values in forms.
  • Form EXCELLENT Change HTML forms to submit via Ajax.
  • Gallery Viewer SJavaScript image gallery.
  • getUrlParam Function to get URL parameters.
  • Google Feed Plugin Display any RSS feed to a webpage.
  • Gradient Adds a gradient to a div without needing an image.
  • Grid Column Sizing Table column draggable resizing.
  • Grid Row Sizing Expand and collapse table rows.
  • hoverIntent Prevents unintended hover events.
  • idTabs Add tabbed interface to a website.
  • Impromptu Create modal windows and messages.
  • jQuery Localisation Applies localization packages based on the user’s language preference.
  • jBox UI dialog widget.
  • jCalendar Aids selecting of dates inline on a page.
  • jCarousel Lite Simple carousel for images and HTML content.
  • jCodeViewer Syntax highlighting for displaying code on webpages.
  • jdMenu Hierarchical Menu Generates dropdown menus.
  • jEditable Live editing of elements on a webpage.
  • jFeed XML feed parser.
  • jPanView Replaces big images with a zoom viewer in HTML.
  • jqDnR Drag’n’Resize elements on a page.
  • jQMaps Interact with Google maps.
  • jqModal Display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a web browser.
  • Treetable Make a tree view out of an HTML table.
  • Tree View EXCELLENT Tree view controls.
  • Suggest Add autocomplete to input fields.
  • YAV Form validation library.
  • jqUploader Provides a status bar for uploading images.
  • jScrollPane Customize your scrollbars.
  • jTagEditor EXCELLENT Turn a textarea into a tag editor.
  • jVariations Create a control panel to manipulate elements on a page.
  • Keyboard Navigation Dynamically determine which element to focus on based on its position on the screen.
  • labelOver Overlay labels over an input field.
  • LavaLamp Navigation menu with a ‘lava’ effect.
  • Lazy Load Only load images that are in the current window.
  • Live Query Adds event listeners to elements.
  • Masked Input Add mask to inputs to aid user data entry (phone numbers, etc).
  • Media EXCELLENT Unobtrusive conversion of standard markup into rich media content.
  • Extra selectors for JQuery Add more selectors to jQuery.
  • Mousewheel Mousewheel event handler.
  • Mousehold Event Add repeating event as the user holds down the mouse.
  • Multiple File Upload Select multiple files one by one as it adds to a queue list.
  • newsticker a fading news ticker.
  • Password Strength Meter Indicator to show the strength of a user’s password.
  • PopupWindow Creates a preview popup of destination link.
  • Query String Object Useful for sending URL parameters.
  • Select box manipulation Remove and add options from a select list or dropdown in many ways.
  • selectCombo Tool for making dependant dropdowns with Ajax.
  • Star Rating Generates star rating from input fields
  • Grid Dynamic Ajax grid control.
  • slideViewer Image gallery as slides.
  • Spoilers Hide content behind an image until user action is taken.
  • tableHover Row and column highlighting with variations.
  • tableFilter Search box is added to each column header to filter table.
  • tablesorter Client side table sorting.
  • Taconite EXCELLENT Easily make multiple DOM updates using the results of a single AJAX call.
  • Textgrad Add gradients to whole blocks of text.
  • Time Entry Sets an input field up to accept a time value.
  • Tooltip Add tooltips from title page.
  • Validation EXCELLENT Add live validation to forms.
  • WYMeditor EXCELLENT Web-based XHTML WYSIWYM editor.
  • Zoomi Zoomable thumbnails.
  • XSLT Transform XML/XSL from JavaScript.
  • XAP Ajax library.

If you are from India, USA, Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Europe or from any other country and looking for development or want to hire a dedicated team on jQuery, Web Designers, plug-in developers, Gallery, Website design using jQuery, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Advanced JavaScript, Sort able, Virtual tour, drag and drop, tables, grid, navigation, validation, forms, Animation, light box, color picker AJAX, please contact us.

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