Online Web Based HR-Survey Solutions

Our online HR-Survey Suite focuses on human resource survey solutions that are critical to your company’s employee retention, satisfaction and cultural success. They are closely aligned with your organization's mission, values, and strategic direction. Our proven survey process minimizes administrative effort for your organization and provides data that seamlessly converts to action planning.

Our web based solution supports following surveys.

  • Pre-employment Surveys
  • New Hire Surveys
  • Engagement Surveys
  • Benefits Surveys
  • Attitude Surveys
  • Compensation Surveys
  • 360 Surveys
  • HR Exit Surveys

Our application interface does not require any expertise on computers and programming, it is pretty simple. If you have your own domain experts and pre-defined format as per your company policy and strategy, you can easily conduct online survey using our solution in just few steps.

You also get pre-defined templates of survey based on the experience and research of our expert team. Create your own customized survey. We provide you with a number of tools which can assist you for smooth and easy survey process. Our services feature five persuasive qualities:

  • Extensive help on each page: our help system knows what information you are looking for and it shows you help based on the page you are viewing.
  • Complete online demo for each step, which can show you how and what you can use.
  • Exhaustive library of survey templates.
  • Easy navigation and simple terminology.
  • Real-time reports with all popular format like CVS, Excel, PDF and flash.

Our company stores your data securely on our servers making it available to you for as long as you may wish. Keep historical data for comparison of progress, and analysis.

Data is available with organizational filter that enables access to reports and data to managers based on their requirements allowing them to look at data and reports on a specific department. However, they will not be able to access reports and data of other divisions and departments.

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