Applicant Tracking System

Are you bored of your present hiring system? Are you tired of your filing cabinets that are overflowed with emailed applications and resumes? Does recruiting and hiring eating up so much of your time? Did you even consider an applicant tracking system that is geared to bigger businesses, both in pricing and complexity?

ATS or "Applicant tracking system" is built as human resource software that helps small and medium sized businesses or companies in creating a simpler, more effective and faster hiring process. Our goal is on helping you eliminate your filing cabinets that are filled of email accounts and paper applications. This recruitment system was built specifically for the many businesses that have employees from twenty to twenty-thousand. The best thing about this applicant tracking system is that it comes at its reasonable price.

Apart from it, applicant tracking system was intended to offer an effective and simple hiring system that is easy and convenient to use. It is also geared towards saving money and time by streamlining the process of application. This is even inexpensive to use and operates efficiently. It also has various updated tools and features that both smaller and big businesses need.

For this recruitment software, we provide uniquely-designed URL that matches your business brand. We also customize the application for it to match on the present application questions. We even make time in loading your site with the present job openings, departments, and sources. The settings can also be adjusted in working with the unique structure of the company. When we are launching your site, we make it a priority for the three business days. Then, this HR software can be used in accepting applications and replacing the process of applying through traditional papers.

All these things can be accomplished in just two hours by the HR manager. Even theses services are being provided for a thirty-day trial. If you have decided on purchasing ATS, you are not going to pay for the setup fee. There is only a need to pay for the annual or monthly fee for the system.

The distinct features to expect from applicant tracking system are twenty-four hour seven career information to the job seekers. The work flow is automated; this means that the hr manager continue on doing his or her tasks properly and effectively. Not only is the HR manager benefit from it, because even the administrator, assistant, recruiter, interviewer and job seekers get the most benefits. Other important features include job portal, interviewer interface, automated screening with interviewer feedback and intelligence, customized web pages and referral system for employees.

The applicant tracking system is also useful in tracking all of the pertinent information of applicants. It also automates the posting on the job boards and the hiring assessments. The process and flow of application is being monitored; an e-mail blasting is allowed to applicants. Compliance reporting is also automated for the hr offices, in business or companies.

If you are living in United Kingdom, New Zealand, Europe, Germany, Canada, Australia, USA, India, and other countries, IndaPoint Technologies is your trusted company for your applicant tracking system!

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